Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Goin` On?

A L O H A!

"Clearly, we're not in the middle of a normal recovery.
Wall Street may have it's casino up and running again,
but Main Street shows no signs of bouncing back anytime soon.
From foreclosures to unemployment
to household debt
to bankruptcies,
the American middle class is under assault - 
and America is in danger
of becoming a third World nation."

Arianna Huffington

"The working classes didn't bring this on.
It was the big boys 
that thought the financial drunk 
was going to last forever,
and over-bought,
and over-capitalized."

Will Rogers, 1931

"Wall Street paid 
an estimated $20.8 Billion in bonuses
 for 2010."

Thomas DiNapoli,
 New York State Comptroller

is the study of ignorance
that is deliberately manufactured
or politically
or culturally generated.
. . .ignorance also comes
from people literally 
suppressing truth -
or drowning it out -
or trying to make it
 so confusing 
that people stop caring
about what's true
and what's not."

Robert Procter,
Historian of Science,
Stanford University

"They only call it
"class warfare"
when we fight

Union Saying


"The decisions made today...
will determine whether
the planet goes to hell
or goes to heaven. . . 
We are the transitional generation,
The critical choices
lie in our hands.
Future generations
will know who we were.
They will think of us often.
They will curse us,
or they will
bless us."

Marianne Williamson

So what do YOU think
about "what's going on?"

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