Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Normal Now?

Aloha   from   Waikiki!

"A person often meets
their destiny
on the road they took
to avoid it."

Jean de la Fontaine

How am I doing?

"Normal is not something to aspire to,
it's something to get away from. "

Jodie Foster

Yawn; Just fine. Thanks...

It's been a week today. . .
Since a normal evening at home (on board) became an emergency.
The sound of sirens still makes me jumpy, but I seem to be recovering
some sense of normalcy (which is really great for a certified 'worrier').

Of course it's not 'over.'
Our neighbors just over the horizon in Japan
face a nightmare that threatens to blow our way.

Everyday I hear of some local whose wife/husband is
visiting elderly relatives in Japan. Most of them have been heard from.
Oahu resident Jack Johnson is in Osaka with his family (and donated $50,000 USD).
Raiatea Helm has returned to the islands,
And the last stranded Japanese visitors have been repatriated.

Everyday there is some new 'benefit' to raise money,
we are cleaning up our debris,
and "Aloha Japan" shirts are selling out @ $20 per
100% for Japan relief.
The "Honolulu Festival" parade last Sunday
was a sea of Japanese participants chanting
"Unity" in Japanese. Quite moving as the crowds on the sidewalk
cheered them on.

It seems a small thing, all in all,
but our state has budget problems like most others at this time
and revenue projections are down
with the cancellation of many, many reservations from Japan
(and elsewhere)
So if YOU ever wanted to come to Hawaii,
this would be the time for some amazing deals!
Click on the "Honolulu Hotels" link to the right
(under all your pictures!).

Every little thing:
Pausing. Breathing. Reiki.
Accomplishing  routine tasks-
It's all helping me to remain on an even keel.
(Heh heh, literally! I'm writing this on a boat! :-)

Tomorrow will be better.
Sorry I haven't been blog visiting!
I miss you guys-

Warmly, cloudia