Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BIG Photo Tip

Aloha     Friends

Here's a gift, me to you.

I don't claim to be a Photographer,
just someone hooked on taking pictures.

Getting excited about something I see,
crouching low, or climbing on a bench,
capturing that shot of an animal or person
on-the-move,. . .
then sharing it with Y O U
has become a major part of my lifestyle.

I'm never without my camera,
so on a rare night-time jaunt
to Chinatown this weekend,
on a full moon night,
I caught lots of good - no -
GREAT shots
of the action downtown.

 My best shots,
the ones I'm MOST excited about,
live in my camera
viewed on that little screen. 

 I cackle as I imagine
what they will look like on the computer screen:
big, and tweaked, and ready to share.
Wait till they (Y O U)
see THIS!

Well here's the tip:
If your camera tells you your SD card
or other media is malfunctioning in some way,
immediately download your treasures.

DON'T (like I did) assume it a camera issue,
remove the batteries for a "hard re-boot"
and go about your business until the
goes flooey
and eats your dear wonderful pictures!


My shimmering crystal dragon
behind the bar of that place!

Full moon over historic buildings!

People shots! Graffiti! 
Urban grit, 
and beach & sky shots!
That cloud that looked 
Like Trump's pompadour!


Bitter bitter LOSS!

Who knew an SD card could go bad?
But like your car: when it politely fore-warns
you listen.

Thus endeth the lesson.

But you know what they say:
"Don't cry over lost pictures."
in the larger scheme of things
(The Tsunami Test)
sense of loss - but a small silly one 
after all.

The more it 'hurts'
the more real karma is being burned.
Offer it for the souls in purgatory, 
or for all sentient beings.
Grow compassion.
Wisdom. Patience.

Life is full of ups and downs,
so let this be a 'down.' 

I still have a home,
and loved ones.

The body still works 

Just back up your digital stuff.

Shake it off, Cloudia!
What wonders will I notice and capture
Don't carry the loss into this day;
things will change, (they always do)
including moods.
New pictures will arise.

Please come back and share them.

          Fondly,   cloudia