Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stay Tuned

Aloha Welcome, to YOU!

"Follow your bliss
                         and the universe will open doors
                                                                    for you
                                                                                where    there were only walls."
                     Joseph Campbell

"Beauty - 
in projection and perceiving -
is 99.9% attitude."

Grey Livingston

is the shadow of God
on the universe."

  Gabriela Mistral, 


President Obama has been forced
to release his Birth Certificate.

Obviously, he is SO DIFFERENT
that many Americans
'just feel that they're not sure about him.'

For one thing, he graduated Cum Laude
 from our most esteemed University,
he held the top spot
at the top US law school
as editor of the Harvard Law Review. 

How did he do that?

I mean, just LOOK at him!

Something fishy must be going on.

That wife of his has suggested
that school children
eat healthy food,
and that we honor
military families.

How DARE she!? 
Someone like
will never tell ME
what to do!

You know, 
some of the most serious problems
our nation, and our international system
have ever faced
are demanding our attention.

My neighbors here on Oahu,
or their children,
are on their fifth deployment
to Afghanistan.

WWII, our US Civil War,
The Great War;
They lasted what, four years?

Hawaii people are raising funds
and visiting family & friends in
Japan (remember Japan?)
to help in the devastation.

Americans are more dispirited,
including Hawaii residents,
than I have ever seen them.

The middle class is so decimated;
The gulf between those
who think everything
is just ducky-

and the vast majority of
in our democracy-

is now SO wide
that the media, Washington,
Dubai, and Wall Street
don't know OR CARE
about the HAVOC they are wreaking
in our fabric of social trust.

Reasonable solutions
take a back seat
to policy changes SO radical
that the head spins
as one realizes how the policy suggestions
of Nixon, Reagan & Bush the elder
are now "too far left"
as we are ratcheted click by click
into a winner-takes-all 
Cloud Cuckoo Land
where booming corporations

pay NO US taxes 

as our infrastructure:
social, physical, and moral

Compare our airports, cities,
and medical systems
to those of other developed nations
and we are not number 1,
we are just numb.

All this is macro of course.

Yes, I'm a bit poorer than I was
just before the panic of 2008.

I'm glad the geniuses that caused it
have been amply rewarded.

You see,
I live in my own Cloud(ia)  Land.

Yes, I vote, testify, write, comment, call
and visit the Sate Capitol,
one HAS to.

But at end of day,
when you close your eyes,
it is the furniture of your soul-
not of your bedroom-
that really matters.

We are suffering
Malefactors of Great Wealth & Power,
they are getting SO far ahead of reality,
that many average people(voters!)
are remembering
their TRUE values & interests. . .

And it AIN'T about the 
President's Birth Certificate!

Stay tuned. 

Once, millions of humans changed their mind
and a 'thousand year' Berlin Wall
fell to dancing feet.

Jews & Arabs on the street
are fed up with the way things have been
for too long in the Middle East.

So stay Tuned.  

Stay Tuned for Miracles-
be sure to look for them,
pray for them,
work for them. . . 

and DO stop by 'comments'
          warmly, cloudia