Friday, June 10, 2011

Kamehameha Day

A Warm Aloha Welcome
Kamehameha Day,

June 10th, 2011
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Today the Royal Societies

(With the help of the Honolulu Fire Dept
that was founded by King Kalakaua)

Drape the "Lonely One's" statue
with lei of love and gratitude.
What a sight!

"Napoleon of the Pacific"

Father of his country: Hawaii

"The public cannot be too curious 
concerning the characters of public men." 

Samuel Adams

Hawaii's Native Son.

You too loved that lei draped statue
while growing up here,
didn't you, Mr. President?


No one knows the day of his birth,
on the Big Island (Hawaii).

He was born, a young Ali`i (chief)
among others,
in a traditional world.

As a boy,
he was present to experience
aliens landing:
Captain Cook.

He saw the need for Hawaii to unify
in order to survive
in a suddenly larger world
of opposing powers.

Using western and traditional weapons
except the kingdom of Kauai
which joined through treaty.

201 years ago he established the
Hawaiian Kingdom,
recognized as a sovereign nation
throughout the world.

Of course, we are now a US State,
but the Kingdom lives in our hearts
by acclimation & defacto affection.

Yet it is real-

like the Kingdom of Heaven.

This holiday always falls close to my birthday.

Me and Kamehameha:
together in Hawaii-
it was meant to be!