Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mighty Mighty Turtles

A L O H A, 
                    Turtle Fans !

" You must welcome change as the rule
but not as your ruler. "

Denis Waitley

 Friends Who Never Leave / Self Portrait

" A tattoo is a true poetic creation,
and is always more than meets the eye. 
As a tattoo is grounded on living skin,
so its essence emotes a poignancy 
unique to the mortal human condition.  "

V. Vale and Andrea Juno,
Modern Primitives

So WHAT?!  Can't EAT them!

" Find your place in the sun.
Especially if it happens to be on that nice pile of warm, clean laundry."

Miss Kitty


Diamondback terrapins have left the waters
of Jamaica Bay (off New York City)
to lay their eggs for centuries, 
long before we ever learned to fly 
or built JFK Airport.

They see no reason to change now! 

Last week, the annual Airport Turtle Roundup commenced,
spawning Tweets,
  and lots of bemused news stories
about fast jets and slow turtles.

All the world loves a MoM!

Meanwhile, here in Hawaii, 
officials are reassessing the status of the
the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

So scarce in the 1970s
that they were put on the Endangered List,
these beloved creatures are now common in our waters,
perhaps even eating enough Limu (local sea 'weed')
to imbalance the reef eco-system.

Brace yourself:
there is even talk of allowing a LIMITED catch
by Hawaiians for cultural and subsistence purposes.

It will NOT be open season on turtles!
(Though the whole idea makes me queasy)

So turtles are doing fine.

In fact, they RULE!

You got a problem with that,

        What say YOU cloudia