Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finding an Animal Companion

A  L  O  H  A !
Good Times Together by Cecilio & Kapono on Grooveshark

So many adventures together

 Animal companions
are gifts of unconditional

They have shorter lives than we do.
So, as they teach us
about love,
they also teach us about 
and coping.

They give us the gift
of grasping

Right after they
leave us,
there is a time
that is too full
of emptiness
and memories-

-too full
to try and fill.

Gecko on a wall mirror

 We never saw a gecko 
in the apartment before,
but one appeared
the day after Kitty passed.

The place seemed so
e m p t y
with her gone.

The gecko was like
looking in
to console us-
to make us smile
at irrepressible
L I F E !

 The is a place [ Link ]
where you can go
to find an animal
who is also
looking for a friend.
Even if it is not

 Any new relationship
 is fraught;  
It's best 
to take it easy
 at first.
This girl
was in kitty jail
for over a month!

 In time, 
curiosity prevails. 
Is that a lightning-bolt
on your head,

 A loving nature
 instinctively understands
when it has met 
kindred spirits.

No other inmates,
no stream of faces,
no fingers through
 the mesh.
Perhaps my luck
has turned.
No noise,
or smell-
I seem to be
the sole cat in

Already in charge of the remote!
Pixie 'Thunderbolt' Charters


Aren't Friends wonderful?
Glad YOU  
have become ours!

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                         Warmly, cloudia