Saturday, October 13, 2012

Child's Story

A   L   O   H    A  !
"It does not take 
many words
 to tell the truth"

 Chief Joseph 
 Nez Pierce Tribe

 "  Dad 
was leaning against a tree,
playing a flute,
and Mom walked by
 and caught his eye.
 That's the way
 they tell the story. "
 Hannah Teter

" A baby is born
 with a need to be loved 
- and never outgrows it. "

Frank A. Clark


Tear down the ugly house
built atop the meadow
of my innocence.

Let the grass of me
lift it's heads gently,
tentative at first
in time, one hopes, 
to run riot.

Surely there is time
before the harvest?

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