Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Be an Unforgettable Woman

A L O H A !
Have a genuine and relaxed smile. 
A smile that lingers and lingers, 
includes your eyes, 
and evolves the grace 
of your face; 
as it reposes / blooms, 
again, and again. . .  
and often.

That genuine,
nearly always cultivated,
must mask a genuine
(nearly always cultivated) 
relaxed and true-to-self 
woman who meets, 
likes, responds 
to others 
in the real world. 

She is not preoccupied acting out 
old dramas and hurts, 
forcing others into roles 
rather than delighting 
in their truths. 

Become Confident enough
to be gentle. 
You will walk away 
from charging bulls 
like a lady 
with foresight. 

Never sling mud 
with muddy, 
reckless types. 

An insight, a tip: 
a true princess 
is kind to each 
and never haughty.

your own healthy 
along with 
the proper means 
of their fulfillment, 
which is mysteriously, 
your own path to the same: 

Savor life. 
Every Drop. 
Every circumstance.
Then Life 
will savor you, 
as will others. 

Your grace, 
and loveliness 
are a powerful tonic 
in this hectic, 
too often hurting

Everyone had a mother. 
Everyone is susceptible
to acceptance, 
and to Aloha.

Once you are happy 
alone with Life, 
happy to smile, 
to care, to pause, 
to meet, to listen, 
to love self 
and others;  
To value, protect, 
and cultivate 
your own unique 
personal divine sexuality 
as you discover 
and define it. 

Then You will be 
alive to beauty 
in every dimension. 

You can finally Inhabit 
your own 
most beautiful self; 

Trust the universe’s gift 
to you: yourself - 
and give her always 
to others 
in manifold blessings 
at every level 
from a kind smile, 
all the way to 

Even your kind, sincere, 
“no thank you” 
will linger pleasantly. . .

Be yourself. 
That’s the simplest advice, 
we've all heard it. 

As I have learned, 
it is the most 
profound advice 
you & I 
can ever accept. 

Play nice. 
A sunny day 
doesn't last forever. 

Be one of the beauties 
of YOUR day.

Thank YOU for Being a Friend

Fondly, cloudia