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Hawaii's Highway

A      L      O      H       A   !
Most goods come to Hawaii by ship

William Matson (1849–1917)
 was the founder
of the Matson Navigation Company.
 He was born in 
Lysekil in Västra Götaland
 and orphaned during childhood.
He arrived in 
San Francisco
after a trip around 
Cape Horn in 1867.
Working aboard the Spreckels family yacht,
he struck up a friendship with sugar tycoon
Claus Spreckels,
 who financed many of Matson's new ships.
 In 1882 the three masted schooner
Emma Claudina
ran to the 
Hawaiian Islands
The enterprise began in the carrying of merchandise,
especially of plantation stores, to the islands
and returning with cargoes of sugar. "



Click photo to see the cars aft.
Those tiny boxes amidships
tower over one's car as trucks take
them about our highways.

" Matson is credited with
 introducing mass tourism to 
 with the opening of the historic Moana Hotel
(March 11, 1901
 now known as the Moana Surfrider Hotel)
 and the 
Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki
 on the island of Oahu. "


Barges like this one,
 towed by great oceangoing tugs,
 take goods from Honolulu Harbor
to the neighbor islands

Many shipping lines call at Honolulu

" The sincere friends of this world
 are as ship lights
 in the stormiest of nights. "

Giotto di Bondone 

Do click on photo to see
 aircraft on the runway behind ship

" Four hoarse blasts
 of a ship's whistle
 still raise the hair 
on my neck 
and set my feet 
to tapping. "

John Steinbeck 

like this jumbo military fellow,
 bring people,
and time-sensitive supplies.
Hawaiian Airlines is regularly
the most on-time airline
in America!

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