Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Never Did This Before. . . Really!

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Virtual Waikiki A lens masterpiece by Ted Trimmer (c)
Right here in Waikiki

"Reality is nothing but a collective hunch."
Lily Tomlin
Love that rustic door pull!
King Street, Honolulu

"To love for the sake of being loved is human, But to love for the sake of loving is angelic."
Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine

Ah, A shower at the end of the day!
Yes, that's my actual shower.

"We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heel, or a great soul."
Source Unknown

Poet, blogger, and urban rude-boy, Walking Man at:

Tagged me with a meme.

And though I have never participated in those sorts of goings-on before, it seems a lazy, hazy time of relaxation and gimcrackery like today might be just the time to take a break for some fun.

So here's "Times Four"

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over

"Once Upon a Time In America" Sergio Leone

"The Trouble With Angels" Hailey Mills

"Avalon" Barry Levinson

"Public Enemy" St. Jimmy Cagney

Four Places You Have Lived




Mostly in my head

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch

Bill Mawr

TCM Movies all day & night/Sporanos

The Avengers / Honey West

30 Rock/NYPD Blue

Four Places You Have Been on a Vacation





Four of your favorite foods

Dim Sum


Lomi Salmon wit da rice / Hawaii "Plate Lunch"

AUTHENTIC Deli / New Jersey Diner

I'm sure that I'm forgetting important items...glad this is just a game.



You're IT!

Aloha Cloudia