Monday, July 27, 2009

Paddle Girl

Welcome to Waikiki!

Don't worry.
No one will be paddled in this post! -
Goodbye Wil, Heff, & Bama Trav;-)

We're talking about kayak paddling, silly!
That's my baby, right by the hatch (door to you) for a quick getaway when blogging gets too intense.

Join us out there!

See the reflection of me taking this picture?

Time To GO!

I hadn't used my kayak in over a year!
Now I go out almost every day.

It's peaceful on the water, and I get to see my home
from a different perspective than usual.

Out there,
I like to sing nonsense songs to myself,
or think about things I've read that day;
perhaps something I saw on YOUR blog.

On my first voyage after so long, I saw a sea turtle!
The head broke the water just in front of me,
and we met eye to eye.
"Where have you been all this time?!"
was the message I got.
And he was right!
What's more important than

"Show up! Be enthusiastic!
Put some energy into the life you're living now!
How will anyone ever be impressed by your star-like quality if you're waiting to cultivate that quality until you become a star?"
Marianne Williamson
A L O H A! Cloudia