Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Abundance

Aloha, FRIEND!

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Anubis, Lady Liberty; Lady Liberty, meet Anubis
(courtesy, Seth Wenig, AP)

"There is nothing new under the sun,
but there are lots of old things we don't know,"
Ambrose Bierce

"Don't go on discussing
what a good person should be.
Just be one."

Marcus Aurelius

"A sheltered life
can be a daring life as well.
For all serious daring
starts from within."

Eudora Welty

Welcome to my office!


In our culture we equate 'abundance' with finances.
But as I gain a broader understanding ,
truly begin to live, and to appreciate,
the abundance that is already in my own life,
the more I notice my attitudes about this changing.

I am starting to notice
and experience
all of my previously unappreciated abundance.
And it really has little
to do with money.

Instead of focusing on perceived 'lacks'
as we so often do
I have come to value,
and to celebrate,
the gifts that are already in my life.

GRATITUDE is bubbling up!

And living with gratitude
begins to change
attitudes and perceptions.

So that life blossoms into a gift,
no longer a problem to solve,
or a job to accomplish.

A L O H A, cloudia