Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mrs. Cheng's Tofu

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Tucked away in Honolulu's light industrial, residential,
catch-all neighborhood of Kalihi

you can find one of our little gems: Mrs. Cheng's Tofu Factory.

Our town has long imported and manufactured the ethnic foods
that our island population enjoys. There are other tofu factors in town.
We also produce
Aloha Shoyu (soy sauce) Portuguese bread, halo-halo and adobo (Filipino treats).
We have several little and big noodle factories,

and even enjoyed our own local sake brewery. . . once upon a time.

Let's go inside to buy some fresh tofu, shall we?

"Have a mouth as sharp as a dagger,
but a heart as soft as tofu."

strange Chinese Proverb

All very basic but sanitary.

"Run, they're handing out tofu again!"
Panic scream of child trick-or treating on Halloween
'America's Food' by Harvey Blatt (2008)

Check out the Chinese instructions
on that super-special tofu machine!

"The method of making doufu dates back to Liu An (179-122B.C.), the Prince of Huainan.
It is made of soya beans,
either the black or the yellow variety."

Ancient Chinese work on medicinal herbs

Here is the prey we seek fresh from the oven:
Tofu Cheese, a baked specialty of Mrs. Cheng.

"Traditionally in the U.S., tofu was eaten by vegetarians as a protein substitute for meat. It was generally served plain, in large chunks completely devoid of flavor."

Brita Housez

Here it is packaged and at home, ready to eat!

" I like tofu cheese
and soy milk in my coffee and cereal."

~ Grace Slick quotes

Ah, Bertrand Russel was right:
"There is much pleasure to be gained
from useless information."

Thanks for visiting us here in Waikiki today!