Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting There

A l o h a !

><}}(°>       <°)}}><

"We're all here for a little while.
Let's try to work it out."

Rodney King

"To me, everything terrible in the world
 stems from people
 trying to force their ideas and beliefs
 on other people."

Ed Hardy

"Just become quiet, still and solitary - 
and the world will offer itself to you
 to be unmasked; it has no choice.
 It will roll in ecstasy at your feet" -

Franz Kafka


The Ego is fighting for it's life.
Your best interests are not it's goal.

It makes you
"just not want to"
do just the things that will set you free.

You free = ego death;
and that feels real good
and it feels just right-
as the ego shivers in it's grave,
starved of striving
and regret.

So hush little ego
don't you cry
I will defeat you, by and by
to live Here,
without gut's regret.
in the glory 
of my own

        You know?   cloudia