Thursday, July 28, 2011

All You Need

A L O H A !

" There'll be bluebirds over
the white cliffs of Dover,
just you wait and see. "
Nat Burton
" Birds sing after a storm;
why shouldn't people feel as free 
to delight 
in whatever sunlight 
remains to them? "
Rose Kennedy

 This little one was photographing the adults.
I went for my camera but missed that shot.
Here they admire her capture.

" What's done to children, 
they will do to society.  "
Karl Menninger
" You have a lifetime to work,
but children
are only young once.  "
Polish Proverb

 > < } } ( ° >
The Hawaiians of old
communicated with nature.
Nature taught them
all they needed to know.
The skies, in particular,
were eloquent.
Even today,
Hawaiian skies speak,
even to the most
Earthbound among us.
The other morning,
the sky was singing!
SO much was going on up there.
Like the sweep of a grand mural,
like libraries of great books;
My camera could never capture it all.
But a message formed
In my inner self,
 words without a voice,
but eloquent:

" Everything you need to be happy
you have.
have provided it to
you. "
Of course, I can't talk about it
or folks will think I'm crazy.
But you and me?
We're past all that!
So if you worry like I do
about this uncertain life,
just remember:
whatever you possess
or lack,

What You Need to Be Happy,

You already have it!

      Warmly, cloudia