Friday, August 21, 2009

Fifty Years of Statehood Today

Welcome to
"A L O H A
. . .
Welcome to the unconquered
"Kingdom Of Hawaii"
This is not where the story begins, in 1959.
It's a much older story, with a much broader context.

My grandparents came to America as young children. They were fleeing a bad situation, and they were yearning towards a great hope that, by and large, did not disappoint them.
I love the values that the USA stands for
(if imperfectly realized some times).

But America came to the Hawaiian People, a sovereign nation.
The "How" and the "Why" of this is seen very differently
by different points of view.

A King was forced to sign away his hereditary powers by subjects of his kingdom (who were) of American birth or extraction.

History remembers this as the
"Bayonet Constitution."

His sister (after his death) the final Queen, was deposed and imprisoned (1893)
when she tried to promulgate a new constitution;
All under the watchful eyes of US Marines.

She asked her beloved people
not to resist as they burned to do.
Hawaiian blood,
and the blood of her other multi-cultural subjects,
was too dear to this gracious lady,
who was libeled as a savage.

She took her message to Washington DC and the world.
Riding by rail across the continent,
she wondered aloud why such a huge country
would want her tiny kingdom.

President Cleveland
bemoaned the overthrow
as a betrayal of a weaker and confiding people.

But Congress had other things to occupy their time.
McKinley's assassination
brought Bully Teddy to the White house.
The Spanish American War
made Pearl Harbor an indispensable mid-Pacific coal refueling station
on the road to Manila Bay.

And so
the Queen died a subject
of the U.S. Territory of Hawaii.
(1917 - a mere 24 years before the Pearl Harbor Attack, and 42 years before Statehood)
Though the world is made up of HER subjects
whenever we hear the strains of her song:
"Aloha `Oe"

The Hawaiians have no land base, or government structure,
as North American Original Inhabitants have.

Most Hawaii people, Hawaiians included,
celebrated Statehood.

Statehood is superior to being a Territory.
But the rights of the Hawaiian Nation
deserve to be honored
by a great nation.

I am a proud US citizen, a citizen of the world,
but also consider myself a subject, a guest, of the displaced
Hawaiian Kingdom.

Today's videos (below) will give you the flavor of what is going on here politically and socially around these unresolved issues.

But Hawaiian wisdom understands
that it's kingdom is not purely of this world.
For theirs is the realm of the heart,
and as such
Aloha has conquered her conquerors.

Existing within this reality of Statehood,
Hawaiian Heart remains
for as long as a drop of
Hawaiian Blood,
lives in these islands;
for as long as outsiders
like me
come from far away, and capitulate to a completely
unique reality and understanding of life.

We produce amazing people,
scientific breakthroughs,
US patriots and even a

Hawaii and the USA
are married;
and few marriages run smooth
all the time.

Perhaps our native son,
born & bred
will refresh the entire world system
from the well of
Ho`o ponopono.

Please enjoy these stirring expressions of the Hawaiian Nation & her remarkable people (below)
who are the True Flowers of this Land.
And "Kaulana na Pua"
Famous are these Flowers.

* Ho`oponopono: Prayer, Mediation, "Making things righteous-RIGHTEOUS"
"Ho - oh - pono - pono"


claude said...

Very very interesting post, Cloudia.
Even Hawaïn is an amrican State, Hawaï will be always just Hawaï.

We did the same with the French West Indies and Tahiti island.
I am not proud about that.

the walking man said...

Although I consider TR to be the best president of the 20th century concerning domestic policy. He did take on and wrest the economy away from the monopolies that up til then controlled the lives and deaths of people. (sound familiar?)

His legacy is tainted by his continued expansion of the European based policy of Manifest Destiny. It was inevitable that some Pacific Island nation was going to come under that sphere for just the reasons you stated Cloudia.

The Hawaiian people of all races and creeds have a hereditary claim that should be pressed forward with. Independence, divorce? Ain't ever going to happen. But a redress of grievances is called for.

Personally I think you should invade the other 49 with some Aloha.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Thanks for the history lesson, learned that I am ignorant on such matters.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very inspiring Cloudia.

I think most people are expecting great things from Presidnet Obama - I hope he lives up to their expectations - these are exciting times for the US in many ways I think.

magiceye said...

that indeed was so beautiful!!!

namaste /\

roughterrain crane said...

Thank you for a nice song.
Wind and sunshine in Hawaii will make people remind of the culture of Hawaii.
Have a nice weekend! Aloha

Dina said...

Oi, just when I think I'm starting to know a bit, then it becomes clear I don't understand nearly enough.

After seeing the videos I feel strange saying mazal tov on 50 years of statehood.
So what is one to say to you Hawaiians?

Susan M DeAngelis said...

What an awesome piece of history. I truly enjoyed reading and watching.

I love to travel, but never made the 23 trip from New York to Hawaii.

Thanks for the wonderful taste of the islands, friend.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

A shaking and interesting post Cloudia. There are mixed reactions at my end.


Stop Worrying!

Akelamalu said...

I didn't know all that Cloudia, thankyou for enlightening me. :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Thanks Cloudia-nice post. Great music too.
I like learning something new everyday!

Daryl said...

Happy Statehood Hawaii ... you dont look a day over 49 ...


gigi-hawaii said...

My sister's husband is part Hawaiian. He used to be an activist and was arrested during his group demonstrations. Nowadays, though, he is a rich stockbroker and capitalist. Money changed everything!

Dianne said...

I did not know all these facts, all this history

thank you

beautiful post

Charles Gramlich said...

And a fine state, she is

Anonymous said...

Great post Cloudia. It is inspiring to see someone so passionate about their home. Aloha.

Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing the history that they do not teach in the usual US history books. I knew a little of the old stuff, but none of the new. The music was beautiful.

robert said...

And back then the newspapers were sold for just ten cents ... seems as if much time has passed.
Being interested in Hawaii for various reasons, this post was surely of interest.
Its writing, as always, able to present a spiral of thoughts, to be greeted with comfort.
Please have a nice weekend.

Haole Girl In Hawaii said...

I enjoyed reading today's post on the Statehood and particularly enjoyed the videos. Mahalo for inviting me to share in your experience.

Cloudia said...

Thank you my friends!

No one expects Hawaii to be independant in the forseeable future; but we want the native Hawaiians to be honored and to have their claims discharged with justice befitting a great country.

We all want to preserve what is special about these islands; and the Hawaiians and their culture are central to that!
God Bless them!


Anonymous said...

Happy Re-birthday Hawaii! She has done well in spite of being "stolen." The PBS video "Hawaii's Last Queen" is a wonderful documentary that really made me feel grateful to even be allowed on the precious islands. Mahalo, DrumMajor

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi there Cloudia,
just so you know where I'm coming from..there are so many issues I find relevant and challenging, almost overwhelming i.e., culture, sovereignty, war etc..but really, the list goes on as well as how we prioritize each. I had another web site awhile back- more political in nature but have elected this avenue (poetry) with emphasis on the spiritual instead. It's effective in that I can often just cut to the chase.. but I simply feel most have failed (myself included), by not looking close enough to what brought us here..more specifically (us as individuals). In other words, we seem to have it down when it comes to everything outside us (almost in a reactionary sort of way..still emotional)? Having said that, my desire is to focus more on the relational and hopefully a sincere type of reciprocation (building a bridge so to speak in order to then reach the other...because I look at this as a first step.. tending to think most everything is nearly always spiritual at the bottom somewhere? My thoughts anyway, Aloha-