Sunday, March 17, 2013

Investment & 'Prepping' Advice

A  L  O  H  A !
" Happiness
Always Looks Small
When You Hold It
 In Your Hand -

- But Let It Go,
And You Learn
At Once How
And How
It Is. "

Maxim  Gorky

" Change Happens
By Listening,
And then Starting
A Dialogue
With The People
Who Are Doing Something
You Don't Believe
Is Right. "

Jane  Goodall,
Primate Intelligence Researcher


I bought General Electric
stock in '08
when there was
"Blood on the streets"
[ that's a link ]

I figured that
if GE stayed under

We had bigger problems
         than a stagnant stock.

 "General Electric Company 
$8.75  "

" General Electric Company
NYSE: GE -  
Mar 15 4:00pm ET 2013
$23.44 "
I still hold my shares
and get a small
This is an investment,
not a trade.
when I need the 
cash value,
I will be in a 
low tax bracket
(No, not a multi-billionaire
paying NO taxes - Ha Ha
on the rest of us) 
That is the extent
of my investment
except to say
that the average person
is better off
investing in something
they can understand.
99% of the time
you have to spot
your own! 
Simply Live
on less than you
Enjoy saving,
MORE than acquiring
more stuff.
Do something you 
enjoy, or can stand,
to make a living.
You Will Be Financially
you need health
  Medical bills 
cause 62 percent 
of bankruptcies! )
If you savor
what is
right before you:
Family / Friends,
sights, pets,
you are rich.
 An Earnest

DON'T Commute
WITH the creeping Herd!
No matter HOW nice
the yard, or whatever
lures you miles
from work. 
Live Against
the flow of 
Rush Hour Traffic.
You'll Thank Me!
And if you can:
Walk to Work!
YOUr health,
and bank account
will improve! 
So when the economy
is teetering
don't sell along 
with everyone else
who is panicking
(again with the herd) 
trying to SELL
for whatever 
they can get.
Buy something 
inherently valuable
and it will come back.

It never hurts
to be ready for
In fact it is simple,
smart, and
could save lives 
dear to you.
At worst
your family
will tease you.
I can take it
for their safety.  
You don't need 
a bunker.
 1 bag of pet food
lasts WEEKS.
When I open a new
I buy a NEW
unopened bag
(not 600).
Similar for our
human supplies.  
Don't ever rush
to the shops
in a monsoon
for a 'basic'
especially for the 
animals, children,
and elders!
So there you go.
Loving advice
because YOU
are precious to me.
Now go spread
the Aloha!
     > < } } (°>
' Take Peace & Smiles - Leave Your Comment '
Thanks for visiting!
                              Warmly, cloudia



PerthDailyPhoto said...

Very wise words Cloudia, panic is not the way, keep a clear head!

the walking man said...

Live on less than your income--that works well for me--investing in Wall Street though is like riding bubbles that at anytime someone with a pin can burst. You were smart when the market tanked to 6000, I saw a ton of blue chips way undervalued, even had the money to buy some but "Babylon" will always be Babylon.

Dialog in Detroit? hahahahahahahaahahaahaha way to much animosity and outright hatred blocking any sort of meaningful conversation which is why we are now prisoners of our past with no more say in our future.

Ileana said...

Perfect advice...simplifying does help and taking care of our basic needs before going for what we WANT. It's the only way to truly be at peace and enjoy life.

Aloha y mucha paz, amiga. ♥

Adam said...

Ironically the best time to get into S. market is when it's down.

Charles Gramlich said...

My teachers retirement fund does investing on my behalf. I took a big hit in the financial crisis for sure.

Karen S. said...

I always like the way you think, and every time I stop by I leave with happiness!- Enjoy your day, Karen

Dave King said...

An interesting if strange assortment. Not my subject, I'm afraid.

Brian Miller said...

it is good to think ahead...i have a little tucked away for the future...not much though...kinda scary to think on but i will work til i cant you that quote...some things we just shouldnt hold onto too tightly...smiles..

aloha from va

TexWisGirl said...

medical insurance is SO costly! and medical care is a disaster. this will be the financial end of all of us, i'm afraid.

Teresa said...

You mean I don't need the fully stocked bunker I was planning to buy for my back yard????

LOLfromPasa said...

A lot of information for us today. All sound advice and most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

That first quotation is so lovely! Such great advice.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for walking with me through this digression.

Yes, buy low/sell high

Akannie said...

Aloha, dear Cloudia...indeed. Waste not, want not. Try to BE where your feet are. And save what you can. Stock your pantry.

Sage advcie, dear heart!!

Anonymous said...

Great mean to measure time and life indeed. Yes, there's certainly something else than money in life.

Please have you all a good new week ahead.

Myrna R. said...

Such good advice. I'm so glad I'm an extremely rich person. Money poor, but oh so wealthy. I know you're rich too.

Cloudia said...

LOVE you 3! Thanks for these comments



Very precious advice, the 'herd' mentality should not be the default! And best time to buy really is when no one else really is:) But my favorite is to live below your means!

rupam sarma said...

Lovely post , Thanks for sharing.

Leovi said...

Exquisite pictures, yes, I like the first, are gorgeous!

Bob Bushell said...

Good advice Cloudia.

magiceye said...


Namaste /\ from Mumbai

Betty Manousos said...

thanks for the great advice, friend.

awesome post!