Tuesday, December 2, 2014

No Rainbows Alike

A  L  O  H  A !
“There is a looming chasm 
between what your brain knows 
and what your mind 
is capable of accessing. "
                           David Eagleman

No two snowflakes
are alike.

of hexagonal crystals,
  each has six sides 
or branches.

But rainbows
are ephemeral.
No two companions
see one alike.

There are ends to seek,
but nothing to count
and quantify.

Rainbows & Snowflakes

Pause to hear
the snowflakes land,
the rainbow's sizzle.
Does it sound like
a violin?

One hand clapping?

let's pause
in the blog-0-sphere's

Just feels right.
Thank You!


ANITA said...

Beautiful Cloudia!!I have not seen the rainbow in a long time..Glad i found it at your place!Hugs!:))

kaykuala said...

Rainbows are a fascination. They look very similar wherever they are found! Great Pics Cloudia!


Brian Miller said...

oo that first thought will hurt your brain....there are def things we can not process...

aloha from va

EG CameraGirl said...

How wonderful to live in a place where rainbows are seen so often!

TexWisGirl said...

how pretty!

Willow said...

Beautiful ~ rainbows always mesmerize me .

Teresa said...

Thanks for capturing so many rainbows... even the baby one in the sprinkler. Hope that last rainbow doesn't fade into nothingness.

Karen S. said...

They, like everything else never is the same- but gee how they can live within our hearts! Aloha Cloudia and Miss Pixie!

William Kendall said...

Those rainbows are a blaze of colours! Beautiful shots, Cloudia!

Cloudia said...

Thanks Dears!

Hula La said...

Sweet post Cloudia! I have to dig out my Waikiki rainbow that I captured while driving around by the military housing community. And, you just reminded me of my shots of the Blue Angels out at Hickam when I was there. Sure do miss it! But the islands are in my soul! Aloha Friend!

Charles Gramlich said...

Some beautiful ones. Lana put some colored glass in the window and we get rainbows in the house when the sun is right.

Elephant's Child said...

Too many rainbows could never be enough.
Thank you.

RedPat said...

What a wonderful assortment of magical rainbows, Cloudia!

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Your photos make me think of the magnificient IZ's interpretation of "Somewhere over the rainbow"

Grand Crapaud said...

Every day you manage to bring brightness and joy in your blog, Cloudia. Thank you for visiting my lighthouse page.

Andrés Sánchez Soto said...

How are you, Claudia?

Beautiful pictures with beautiful colors, with a spectacular rainbow.

Please Share with us.

See you soon and greetings from Gran Canaria.

Friko said...

Rainbows are beacons of light in a dark world.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Such lovely rainbows to brighten our day! And wisdom to go with it. Rainbows are further evidence that the world is wonderful!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous captures of the rainbow, Cloudia! Always a treat to visit your blog! Enjoy your week ahead!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Fine collection, Cloudia!

Merlesworld said...

That was sweet I never thought about rainbows like that.

Small Kucing said...

Yup....and we saw a double rainbow once. :)

magiceye said...

Thoughts as colourful and joyful as the rainbows!!

Namaste /\ from Mumbai