Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boat Living & Davo's Art

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Kitty drops in
Flowers from Saturday's Kau Kau Christmas Street Lunch (link to post below)http://comfortspiral.blogspot.com/2008/12/gilding-pill.html

Davo's Silk Screen "Smooth #4"

DAVO http://www.davoart.net/aboutMain.aspx

"The corner of a room is populated with 5,000 beings of which we know nothing." Tibetan Spiritual Saying

"There is no 'empty' space anywhere, even between the stars. Processes and events are occurring in multiple dimensions everywhere."
Brief synopsis of the latest findings of physics

Many of you kind visitors have asked about "life aboard." It is such an encompassing topic, unfolding on so many levels, that it is almost TOO daunting to describe. Suffice it to say, most of what comes to the average "land person's" mind about living on a boat is WRONG. This ain't no cruise ship! Where would I even begin?! As Dr. Johnson said: "A sailor is a man in jail with a chance of drowning." Conveniences that most "housed" folks take for granted are lacking afloat, such as space, flush toilets, and SPACE! Sometimes it is glorious, sometimes it feels like being floating "trailer trash." I have even described our cement and steel home as a "floating dumpster." And none of this even addresses the finer points of living in a State Operated (poorly) Facility. PLEASE, those of you who have questions, be kind enough to send them to me as comments to this post, and I will build my little Blogpost Boating Biography around the things you want to know: from basic (waste, power, Internet) to personal (nice an romantic, eh?). As you might ascertain from today's quotes I have been exploring Tibetan Spirituality & Medicine and discovering fascinating insights as well as illuminating parallels to other traditions, religions, and cultures. With the intellectual "permission" of our cutting-edge physicists I have been opening myself up to the energies and influences around us, especially in nature. What better place than Da Beach? As I deepen my friendship with this place that I love, it becomes increasingly natural to me to feel kinship with an "animate" world. The inert "stuff" of our modern view is revealing itself as personal, playful, dignified, and a repository of insight & healing. The green Ko`olau Mountains are a constant cathedral above the town; inducing reverence and perspective whenever I raise my eyes "unto" them. The sea's a ceaseless chorus. Birds are clearly messengers from high places, and sky gazing is grazing in a library of light and wisdom. . . Oh yeah! And Davo. I had the serendipitous pleasure of crossing paths with the Maui artist yesterday. Above, you see him holding a favourite print from his latest project. He told me that this one is titled "Smooth" because he was listening to pal (and part-time Maui resident) Carlos Santana's eponymous song as he created it. Then he generously gave it "unto" me! ("You can sell it if you need the money." he told me) Davo's work is at the IMAGES Gallery on Front Street in Lahaina http://www.imagesinc.com/ . He told me that his little hale ('hah lay') on it's little acre shares a boundary with Oprah's huge property. . . So send in those boat questions! Here's the teaser: The day after we moved ALL of our possessions aboard, Hurricane Iniki drew a bead on Waikiki. What happened next? Stay tuned! Just don't ever get into line behind me at the bank ;-) But DO return here to Da Spiral often. Your visits and your comments, even just a "Hi" are wonderful messengers of "Aloha" along with angels and all birds . . . .
A L O H A! Cloudia