Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Stroll

ALOHA, Friend

Welcome to Wednesday in Honolulu

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Welcome to Wednesday in Honolulu

Let's take a stroll through local history. . .
just off busy King St.

"It is such a secret place, the land of tears.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.”

Amy Tan

“To leave a place is to die a little”

French Proverb

“Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble”

French Proverb

"With Jesus in Heaven"

"Killed by Automobile"

"Ask yourself: Have you been kind today?
Make kindness your daily modus operandi
and change your world."
Annie Lennox

It can be very peaceful visiting with the people
who built our Hawaii of today.

They still have lasting lessons to teach us.

Hawaiians, Portuguese, Diplomats, Americans, Tahitians,
Royalty and Religious. . .

All together here as in life.

Thank you for all you did!
There is no place like Honolulu, my home.

ALOHA, cloudia