Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Orleans Saints

Aloha, Friends!

Welcome Back to Waikiki-

E Komo Mai, Come Inside and Warm Up

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"The greater the philosopher the harder it is for him to answer the questions of common people."

Henryk Sienkiewicz


Specialization is the glory of our species, we go to a physician who has dedicated himself to medicine, we have exquisite "experts" who are "the best" in every field. And yet I can't help thinking that this is just what has led us to the compartmentalization that seems the root our all our systemic problems (which are becoming unbearably great).
Perhaps the solutions will emerge from us "Non-Experts?"

Sweet little bungalow beside the H-1

"Much of what passes for advanced literary scholarship these days
is dreadful twaddle-
incoherent, emotionally empty, deeply illiterate."
Terry Castle, Professor of English, Stanford University

(Susan Sontag called her
"-the most expressive, most enlightening literary critic at large today.")

"Swim with the dolphins."

"Originality and a feeling of one's own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle." Dostoyevsky


My sweet little collaborator, Miss Kitty, is sitting tucked against my side.

Favorite Husband has gone off to work (good fellow!).

The fan drones it's chant
here below decks.

Our ancient boat is still floating,
as are my spirits.
A magical, sense-smattering night in
Chinatown on Saturday
has me on a Lunar New Year high.

According to Lillian Too,
the famous Astrologer and Feng Shui expert,
I am the favored creature (lady water snake)
of the horoscope this year.

This nicely dovetails with my prevailing sense that:
"I'm coming into my own this year."
Having climbed so many invisible mountains,
and having had the privilege of assisting many forgotten folks
("Don't let your left hand know what the right one's doing,
nor dwell on good deeds.")
having had that privilege
I feel ready for new opportunities:
officiant, ghost writer, tour guide,
small business operator, clown-doctor.

Perhaps this is the year
that I finally know what I'm going to be
if I grow up.

Of course I'm all I need to be
Right Now:
posting my message to the world of all of
then returning to the natural foods store
for the items that Hubby paid for
then left behind.
A mother blogger's work is never done,
eh friends?

Accidentally, I did a cool thing yesterday here in da Comfort Spiral.
I often put a picture, song, or quote
into a "New Post"
and schedule it for a brief time in the future
so that it will stay top of list
where I can complete and post it.

I intended to "take Monday off" as I sometimes do
and let Sunday's post (with the hula video) remain a deserved extra day.

Well, a "New Post" consisting only of a gadget to hear Beyonce`s HALO
accidentally posted on Monday.
First I was embarrassed.
Then I realized that it was basically
"freshening" Sundays post
which it seemed to "top."

PLUS, I had wondered if anybody cared about the new song feature
because only Fireblossom HERE had ever commented on one.
Well, yesterday people DID comment on the song!
So I felt a little less like I'd been caught with my
Blogging Pants down!
(I meant to do that.)

And while we're on the subject of songs
and second guessing,
a few posts ago
"Run this Town" featuring Rhianna
was my song of the day.
I feared that it was Too Something
for many of you bloggy friends.

Then I noticed that it was almost the
theme music of the Super Bowl.


PLUS I've been rooting for the SAINTS
all season.


Now I'm looking forward to the Vancouver Olympics;
or the little kid in me who watched the black & white TV
on the living room floor
during the last century
is still looking forward to it!

And I feel like I've already been visiting that Magic City
through the blog of our friend Jo HERE.

Hmmmmm. . .
"Being an Olympic athlete"
another aspiration that I never actualized.
Always seemed that there was time.
But after 50. . . well, I'll watch it on TV and the web.

But take heart, Cloudi,
this is MY year astrologically.
Recognition, success, and satisfaction
are coming my way
as I ride the Golden Tiger.

Big thanks for riding along with me.
Your visits, comments,
and your own posts,
mean a LOT to me!

Bonus points: During the Super Bowl, Hubby noted that the score board: "NO vs IND"
reminded him of our US government in Washington:
No versus Indecisive!

ALOHA, cloudia