Thursday, April 22, 2010



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"Don't wait;
the time will never be 'just right.'
Start where you stand,
and work with whatever tools
you may have at your command,
and better tools will be found
as you go along."

George Herbert

"A wise woman
puts a grain of sugar
into everything she says to a man,
and takes a grain of salt
with everything he says to her."

Helen Rowland

Leaf litter? Leaf GLITTER!

"The soul that can speak through the eyes,
can also kiss through the gaze."

Gustav Adolfo Becquer


I got GAZED!

Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo)
came to Hawaii this week.

"Who is Braco," I wondered,
when I saw the story about him on KITV.
(video below)

As a REIKI practitioner,
my mind has already been opened to the
seemingly incredible idea that
pure, loving, healing energy
can be felt, and can reliably be
(for lack of a better word)

I started out as a very logical,
grounded, materialist thinker.
Accepting unprovable things as true
always struck me as as an intellectual
and moral

But slowly,
year by year,
I have learned that there is much in this world
that is yet undreamed of in our conceptions.

And in my lifetime
I have seen those conceptions grow in scope.

When I was a kid, acupuncture was mocked,
and lot's of physicians were smokers.

What we "Know"
changes every day.

REIKI is illogical,
but it is undeniable to me now.
I don't understand HOW it works,
just that it DOES.
(Like my car, and the internet)

I have worked with Dr. Hong,
a physician and Qi Gong master
who is attached to the University of Hawaii
John A. Burns School of Medicine;
My results are undeniable,
and launched a whole new phase of life
for me.

I have attended Soul Singing sessions
with Dr. Sha
whose books are New York Times best sellers.
The energy there was familiar too.

It has been hard intellectual work,
and prayer,
and life experience,
that has brought me to the point
of utilizing these things.

So how was it at yesterday's gazing session?

The first thing I noticed was a real
around the people running the event.

I've learned to recognize a certain
as the result of being well atuned
to the loving, healing, forces of the universe,
and these people had it.

Not fake smiles,
just a discernible, genuine, and attractive
like I have observed growing in myself.

I recognized the feeling
when Braco came out.

Yes, he just stands there,

Not making eye contact,
not sweeping the room,
just standing and gazing.

It felt good.
I was especially relaxed the rest of the day,
slept even better than usual,
and my sore shoulder is almost
completely without twinge.

Worrying about the why's
and hows
of life,
sometimes prevents us from
simply experiencing it.

REIKI taught me how very much I lived from the neck up,
I have discovered my body
and am much more comfortable in my skin,
and in life,
than I have ever been.

I keep learning, and growing,
understanding just comes easily

All of this is coming to the world's surface-thinking lately.
Trust your instincts to warn you
of charlatans.
Beware of sales routines.

But thousands of people in Europe
have gone numerous times
to be gazed at by Braco,
Many around the world
have sung with Dr. Sha.

Something is afoot
and I'm very happy to be dancing along.

Free your mind;
and the rest will follow.

Warm Aloha, cloudia