Monday, August 23, 2010

The 200



All the visitors
seemed to be enjoying Waikiki this weekend. . .

"I want to express my feelings,

not illustrate them."

Jackson Pollock

If you like more solitude,
you can learn how to
Windsurf. . .

"Our lives

teach us who we are."

Salman Rushdie

But as I ALWAYS say,

we are so much more than a beach. . .

It's BON Season.

Time to dance with the ancestors again. . .

Looks like the Soto Mission is going off this weekend.

Had to go back Saturday night and enjoy it!


What a burst of happiness this morning
when I saw that the 200th person,
heck! that Two Hundred and TWO
have joined this blog!



When I was little,
my brother and I had a cheap little reel-to-reel tape recorder.

We used to record a play "radio show" on it.

My little brother didn't like the fact that it was MY show
and that he was my side kick.

But I was older and had a bigger mouth.

The idea of actually having a real audience
was a kids pipe dream back then.

Back then, even parents didn't pretend to be interested
in their kids' activities
beyond saying stuff like:
"Turn that off!"

When I was a little older
a neighbor boy had a tiny pirate radio station in his basement
and we used to broadcast in a one block radius
that the FCC trucks would roll up on us
and take us to federal prison.

Later, I got to play around in college and public radio.

Then THIS, this blog thing!

Warhol said that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

And today I really do "broadcast" to the world!

I'm no Arianna Huffington

but 2o2 of you have joined!

A bunch more look in daily!

And just as exciting,

I have met YOU,

lots of other FAMOUS people

in far flung places.

You share your world

better than any mass media could

and together we are building the future,

you, me, and all those cool folks in my blog roll

(please visit them).

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me in your club,

our club.

You are more appreciated

than you probably realize.



"Happiness itself does not stay -

only moments of happiness do."

- Spanish Proverb