Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally Here

E l e c t i o n    D y


After eight years our beloved islands will soon have a new governor.

“The vote is the most powerful instrument

 ever devised by man

 for breaking down injustice

 and destroying the terrible walls

 which imprison men

 because they are different from other men.”

 Lyndon B. Johnson

In a few short hours voting will end.
Tonight we will know.

“Individual rights are not subject to a public vote;

 a majority has no right to vote away the rights

 of a minority;

 the political function of rights is precisely

 to protect minorities

 from oppression by majorities

 (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).”

 Ayn Rand

We need a new day
a fresh start.

Have YOU voted, American friends?

After all the attack ads based on a morsel of truth
shouting every moment
 on all media,
after the high passions,

there will be

And we come together, fellow citizens all.

Yeah, RIGHT!

The battle for what is Pono (right) will continue. . . 

"One of the greatest blessings that the United States could receive. . .
a great pause in her world of affairs. . .
We should be hushed and silent,
and we should have the opportunity to learn
what other people think."

John Cage