Monday, March 28, 2011

For Sharing

'Aloha' is not merely a word.
It is a concept, a philosophy of life, a powerfully simple
faith in Love.

Sometimes, I just need to stare.
And to recover. Pleasantly numb.
(Sounds too much like a drug reverie :-)

How about you? Do you give yourself
 this permission and time?

Hawaii is good for staring
 and soul healing -
 so much beauty.
'Polynesian Paralysis' we call it.
Along with the power of Aloha,
It's why folks visit here.

Watching people in their natural surroundings -
 on the sand, by the sea, with their families,
or traveling alone for business, wisdom, or war. . . 

It is healing to hear the tongues of the world,
all relaxing, all unwinding together in welcome,
 all feeling lucky they 'came Hawaii.'

"It's a pleasant thing to be young,
 and have ten toes." Robert Louis Stevenson

Watching people, clouds, animals, flowers. . . 
hearing the breeze, the surf,
 Hawaiian guitars-

replenishes the flame in my soul.

I hope you feel that way
when you come here
 to share what we care about, 
and play in the sand
of your mind's eye. . .
enjoying the warm sun of our mutual
Aloha. . . 

thank Y O U

         for sharing it.  cloudia