Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heart Feather

A L O H A !

"The fishing boat drifts slowly into distance -
 During spring and autumn,
waves and mist are the same.
 A small fire just to warm -
where shall I place tonight my anchor?"

Chang Chih-Ho

"Children are the hands
by which we take hold of heaven."

 Henry Ward Beecher

"Don't count the days,
Make the days count!"


(゚、 。 7
  l、 ~ヽ
  じしf_, )ノ

The Egyptians taught
That after death
One’s heart would be weighed in the balance
Against a feather
That symbol of high places
And lightness.
What is a light heart?
Perhaps it is one that loves life
One that takes difficulties easily
And so lightens them.
A heart that loves deeply
Seems to fly
And so rightly rises
In the eyes of the gods
When weighed against a feather.

A L O H A! Cloudia