Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pure Breeds & Poi Dogs

A   L   O   H   A  !     MEOW!
  Prose books
 are the show dogs 
I breed and sell 
to support
 my cat. "
Robert Graves

 P I X I E

" I'm a mixed breed 
and hope to live longer
 because of it. "
Charisma Carpenter


" Half of our mistakes in life
 arises from feeling
 where we ought to
and thinking 
where we ought to 
feel. "

John Churton Collins

Pixie Yawn Captured

“ All the world
is made of faith,
and trust,
 and pixie dust. ”

 J.M. Barrie,

Peter Pan

Our adopted kitty, Pixie
is doing well with us.

A "Peaceful gal
 seeking a tranquil home"
she needed to recuperate
from her bad-fit home,
and period of disruption.

Pretty quickly,
I realized that she was
from every other cat
who has owned me.

I have always thought 
of  animal breeds
as an archaic reminder
of an antique time,
and pure breeds
as hobbyist snobbery.

When would I ever
need a terrier
to go down a hole
after rats?

But I began to think
that the unique characteristics
of my obviously "mixed" friend
might be hinting at something.

Who is under 
that splendid tuxedo
stained with cinnamon?

I was going to do a Google search
of the weird things about Pixie
on cat sites,
but a voice in my head


I am now hooked on the idea
that many characteristics I like
in an animal companion
are Burmese characteristics.

Here are some of my observations
followed by Burmese characteristics:

My cats have been long and lanky,
like a gymnast.
Pixie is compact and surprisingly
muscled and heavy:
Her coat is not soft
but dog-like.
When she Sphynx-sits
her front legs look
super long!
(I call her 'Long Shanks')

I began to suspect that she was part dog!

Burmese cats are described as:
' heavier than they look'
  'very muscular'
'solidly built'
 'well developed legs
 longer in the front.'
 ' little military tanks
draped in glossy satin'
' not large cats'
'bricks wrapped up in silk'
' possessing a number of 
dog-like characteristics,
with personalities 
almost similar to a dog, 
like to follow their owners.'

The coat is described as
short and close to the body. 
with a lustrous satin-like feel,
 and a very distinctive
 glossy look.

 Taking Pixie for her 
intro Vet visit
was MUCH less of an ordeal
than with any other cat
I've known.
She was calm in the car

 Burmese are unusually
 traveling in cars.

Pixie pretty quickly 
laid on my chest
and gave me 
sweet kisses:

 ' Burmese enjoy cuddling up
 in bed on top of their
 favourite person.'

'extremely affectionate'
' love to snuggle
 and cuddle with their
 favorite people.'

Pixie loves running water, 
almost shoving me
 out of the way
 to drink from the tap!

 'Many Burmese cats tolerate 
and some really love water. 
Some join their humans
 in the shower.'

 Pixie has a sweet voice
and uses it!

 Many Burmese converse
 with their humans
 with sweet soft little voices 

" A friendly and outgoing little cat"
'Burmese are an extremely
 people-oriented breed'
' enjoy having conversations 
with familiar people'
' a highly intelligent, 
thoughtful breed.'

 Pixie is starting to play
as she settles in,
she is very playful,
and obviously
unusually intelligent.
she enjoys supervising
our activities.

'Females tend
 to have a take-charge
' delightful personalities.
  'described as dog-like'
 'friendly, kind, gentle
 and outgoing.'

 I'm hooked!

The name “Burmese”
 means 'fortunate, beautiful, 
and splendid'
 in the Thai language.
Also known as
 the Rajah cat.

She's royalty alright!

Oh, here in Hawaii,
a 'Poi Dog'
has come to mean
any mixed breed.
But in ancient Hawaii
these were a specific
kind of dog
with certain jobs
in that culture.
Dog lovers may not
want to follow the link:

So lets just head over to
shall we?

That's where the 
Good Stuff is!

Thank You
for visiting.

                           Warmly, cloudia


Dave King said...

I'm putting my money on the Carpenter quote.

Brian Miller said...

haha pixie sounds like a trip....the cat who owns me...i know that one...we have two...and the youngest acts more like a dog...ironically it is our tuxedo cat too...

aloha from va

Samantha said...

I think there's a place for pure bred and mixed breed..a place for everyone.
Pixie sounds like a delight.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Pixie is beautiful Cloudia, you're so lucky to have her and she you. Definitely Burmese tendencies!

TexWisGirl said...

she sounds like a wonderful family member. really cute, too!

Karen S. said...

Oh so lovely, Pixie is home! Is not a funny thing to be cat and half dog too, I say this as a dog-woman who became a cat-woman second! I hope you're having a tremendous Labor Day loooooooong weekend Cloudia.

Teresa said...

Glad you were able to find Pixie Dust for your wonderful cat!!

Anonymous said...

Is pixie dust legal? Wouldn't want to introduce Pixie cat to a real poi dog or a real pig...she's cute. Our Golden Retriever used to get into the prepared bathtub before my young son got in! Might have a wet cat some day. Wonder if she'd like the ocean...DrumMajor

Cloudy said...

Toller Beitrag am Abend...

Lieben Gruß

Hilary said...

She's so cool and adorable. I have to laugh. We often remark that one of my cats is part dog. And that Benny is part cat. Gotta love critters.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love Pixie!

Anonymous said...

The J. C. Collins quote and the picture are a poem on itself.

Please have you all a good new month ahead.

The Elephant's Child said...

Jazz looks entirely catlike and somedays behaves like a psychotic rottweiler. Sigh. He still has the keys to my heart, as does much more gentle Jewel.
It seems that Pixie has found her forever home. I am happy for her - and for you.

Small Kucing said...

whatever she maybe, she certanly had stolen your heart and mine too. I love cats

Cloudia said...


of YOU, dear Friends
to come play with me.

Kay said...

All I can say is she sure is a beautiful cat.