Wednesday, January 23, 2013

At Sea Ashore

A  L  O  H  A !

"The whole world
 is a very narrow bridge, 
and the main thing 
is to have no fear
 at all. ”

 Rebbe Nachman of Breslav 

" It isn't that life ashore
 is distasteful to me. 
But life at sea
 is better."

Sir Francis Drake

 > <  }  }  ( ° >

At sea,


it's my 


I adore.

That's You!

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rosaria williams said...

And we too travel across sea and land to drop in and visit with friends.

Teresa said...

A narrow bridge flanked by skinny palm trees. They must need to eat more poi!

nazelet said...

Hi Claudia, Such a lovely photo. The closest I've gotten to see beautiful Hawaii is watching Hawaii 5-0. Now I'm learning more about the vast expanse of its beauty.
I have always loved the Rebbe's quote,
Paula Devi (new blog)

Cloudia said...

Thank you Three Amigas!

TexWisGirl said...

you're so cute. i love the first photo. so pretty!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Those are some skinny palms, but beautiful.
xoxo jj

rupam sarma said...

Nice post and the photos :)

Cloudia said...


Thanks dears!

Windsmoke. said...

Blogees, that's a new word i haven't come across before.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...a life at sea is rather enchanting to me...i rather romanticize the exploration period of history....

aloha from va

brandi said...

Aloha. My husband was stationed at Schofield Barracks many years ago. I have mixed feelings about Hawaii, mostly I think because of the memories.

Hattie said...

These bright pictures cheer me up in dark Seattle. Thanks.

Kay said...

We adore you too, Cloudia!

Anonymous said...

I'm a blogee? Is this like a muggle or a hobbitsee? Cute new words from our seafaring Cloud Wizard! (I was wondering about the little palms, but they're not quite bamboo.) DrumMajor blogee.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm guessing now that you are so happy an settled in your eyrie you may not agree with Sir Francis Drake's sentiments hey Cloudia.