Monday, March 11, 2013

Building You and Me

A  L  O  H  A !
" It's not the load
 that breaks you down, 
it's the way 
you carry it. "

Lena Horne

" To different minds, 
the same world
 is a hell,
 and a heaven. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

" I am determined
 to be cheerful and happy 
in whatever situation
 I may find myself. 
For I have learned 
that the greater part 
of our misery 
or unhappiness is 
not by our circumstance 
but by our disposition. "
Martha Washington
Wife of George Washington
and first First Lady
  of the USA

" Speak your mind - 
even if your voice shakes. 
Well aimed slingshots 
can topple giants. "
Maggie Kuhn, 
founder, Gray Panthers

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Free Will- What IS that?

Yes, we live & act based
on the way were were raised,
the family, community, nation
where we grew.

Genetics and brain chemistry
pull many of our strings. . . .
And yet-

In every community
there are those
who live generosity
while neighbors
live a predatory existence.

There is no
 Manual for the Human
in Washington, Rome, or Beijing
where we can look up the correct

So in the truest sense,
EACH of us, YOU & me,
has the task (if we think about it)
about the nature of life, of

Many of us contract out this power
to a Church, Mosque, Peer-Group,
Conspiracy Mind Set,
or Common Ethos
 (where we happen to live).

On my quest to Find Out
I have found many powerful little
(and Huge) gems.
Call them Tools, Skills, Maxims,

I am constructing
my own Understanding.

I act from what I know to be right.

When I fail, I forgive myself.

I believe that God cares, cheers me on, smooths my path.
But I do not subscribe to any church
 but the world.
No one should hold the reigns of my morality
but me.
That's Free Will.
That's tested Cloudia Morality Reigning.

I dine at every tradition's ancient banquet
as a respectful guest.
My soul rises up to sing with theirs.

But I decide of the feast
what is the Chicken
and what are the bones
to be discarded.

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the walking man said...

The influences and powers of outside dictum's must be taken into account though. Though individually we are self determinate we can not determine the right path forward until all conditions of the present are known.

kaykuala said...

One has one's own mind. But do goodness and not hurting are universal traits. These can fit into any creed. Nice thoughts Cloudia!


Dave King said...

Well, I've never thought of Lena Horne as a philosopher, but she gets my vote now. Thanks.

Brian Miller said...

so true on our need to choose in how we will live...there is no manual...there are guiding principles that will surely get you along the way a bit farther....really like that first quote...gonna keep that and think on it today....

aloha from va

Daryl said...

as always great quotes

Charles Gramlich said...

Your comments are right on. Every day we are all in the midst of constructing and deconstructing our world view. It is never quite the same for me from one day to the next

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Well said Cloudia, couldn't have expressed it better really I couldn't.

Akannie said...

Bravo, bravo !! Well said, dear Cloudia.

Loved the quotes and loved your words. Happy Monday!!

Ileana said...

Great thoughts and photos for this sun-shiny Monday. I love the quotes and the way you see life. :)

Teresa said...

The first quote and picture are wonderful. You are working on a marvelous undertaking!

David Cranmer said...

"But I decide of the feast
what is the Chicken
and what are the bones
to be discarded." Very well said, Cloudia. And I like the Lena quote. Glad I stopped by Hawaii today.

wenn said...

like the quote by Martha Washington.

Myrna R. said...

You and I have a very similar view of the world, life, beliefs. So glad to know a kindred spirit.

21 Wits said...

...and that is the way, to make for a better place, I share that journey as well.


Very lovely thoughts (and pictures) to cheer *me* on today, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your approach made me hungry for a feast. I like to pull out the pleasant parts of different services also. Peaceful. DrumMajor

Hilary said...

Very well said, Cloudia.

Anita said...

Love it!!))))))))

Cloudia said...

What a garden of sharing beauty!
Each of you shines in my grateful heart. Mahalo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the first quote. Thank you for the failing treatment as well. Please have you all a good Tuesday ahead.

Elephant's Child said...

Hear, hear. Thank you. I am loving the wisdom from Lena Horne, Martha Washington, Maggie Kuhn and YOU.

Adam said...

great emerson quote

Cloudia said...

Thanks dears

Betty Manousos said...

great quotes and photos, cloudia.

thanks for the inspiration!


Out on the prairie said...

Amazing post,I loved it well.

June said...

I feel as if this is something I should bookmark and read daily.
Congratulations on your POTW.

sage said...

Nice quotes, great pictures and some insights to ponder.

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on your POTW!!

Hilary said...

I loved it all.......and it was perfect for me to hear today.

Sandi McBride said...

Congratulations on Post of the Week...this was simply a lovely post...just lovely

Cloudia said...

SO Appreciate each of YOU visiting today!