Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feminine Skies

A L O H A !
Tiny Birds at Left, Sun-Egg in Nest
" Mysteries 
are feminine;
 they like to veil themselves
but still want to be seen and
divined. "

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Is this_
why I have been_
such a mystery_
to myself?_


" Debate is masculine,
 is feminine."

Amos Bronson Alcott 

'debated' my femininity
away from the controls
of me 
for a long time.
Femininity is frivolous.
I want to be taken seriously.
Yes, they like to look,
and to touch,
BUT I am

" You throw like a girl! "

School Yard Taunt;
worst thing peers
can say to a boy.

" The ideal man 
bears the accidents of life
 with dignity and grace, 
making the best 
of circumstances. "


“ The hardest part 
has been learning how 
to take myself seriously
 when the entire world
 is constantly telling me
 that femininity is always 
inferior to masculinity. ” 

 Julia Serano

But Feminism Valued 
the Feminine, right?

" As a result
 of the feminist revolution,
becomes an abusive 
epithet. "

Wyndham Lewis


" There is nothing more rare, 
nor more beautiful,
 than a woman being
 unapologetically herself; 
comfortable in her perfect
To me, that is the true 
essence of beauty. "

 Hussein Nishah 

" I am rediscovering

 the whole sexual dimension 
of life at the age of 86, really.
And that also means discovering 
the feminine. 
So the whole of this dimension,
which I had been seeking
 for a very long time,
 is now sort of 
opening itself up to
me. "

Bede Griffiths

" Feminine passion
 is to masculine
 as an epic
 is to an
Karl Kraus _ 

Being a Girl,

Being a Boy

Source of life's
and Joy.

A feminine sky?

I suppose it is one
in which
a Cloudia Voyages.

 are you thunder
 & lightning?

Ah Ladies. . . . .

So Chore - y
yet touched with
are we!

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Fireblossom said...

What a great post! And as for "throwing like a girl"...ever seen one of those college softball pitchers chuck it? Whew! I always think they're so cool.

Brian Miller said...

there is so much more to a woman than the physical...i do think we have lost much over the years in terms of feminine...or maybe we had the wrong definition in the first place...

Daryl said...

I'm thinking if 'throw like a girl' is the worst one's peers can say, its a pretty sweet world

Reader Wil said...

Debate is masculine,
is feminine."(???)
Let's pray for men who don't understand that women are human beings.

Charles Gramlich said...

One of humanity's age old questions, what are the differences between men and women.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

A very cool post. I love the title.

the walking man said...

If gender dictates power then i say bring on the matriarchal society.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Those skies are soooo feminine, but...a bit of thunder and lightning can also be feminine, in my world anyway :)

Akannie said...

I was always the pitcher on our dead end street baseball team.

Great post, dear Cloudia...Discoveries...

G-Man said...

I was taunted once...Just ONCE!
Right after I purchased my Harley, someone told me that my muffler made my Hog sound like a sewing machine!
The next day I went and had some "Screaming Eagles" pipes put on. No one has ever said that to me since...:-)

TexWisGirl said...

made me smile. loved the 'sun egg'. :)

Teresa said...

I loved this post... Your yin and yang are balanced!!

Giga said...

Zdjęcia są cudowne, a drugie powiedzenie niestety prawdziwe. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

The photos are wonderful, and the other saying, unfortunately, true. Regards warm.

Myrna R. said...

Wonderful post. I love the feminine. It needs to be infused into this masculine model of almost everything, to soften and balance this world. I'll be looking out always for those feminine Cloudia skies.

Akelamalu said...

" There is nothing more rare,
nor more beautiful,
than a woman being
unapologetically herself;
comfortable in her perfect
To me, that is the true
essence of beauty. "

Hussein Nishah

I like it!


Loving the Griffiths quote (and your description of a 'sun egg':). To (poorly) paraphrase something I'd read, seems we all could easily have elements of both feminine and masculine within us!

foongpc said...

LOL at 'Is this why I have been such a mystery to myself?' : D

Hilary said...

Wonderful post.. and always great quotes, photos and insight.

Karen S. said...

I sure enjoyed your photos today, me, just being a simple girl who loves a good mystery too! Enjoy your warmth!

Friko said...

feminism rules ok!

Well, there was a time when it did. I am told that the young women of today want nothing to do with it. Fools! Where did all the freedom and equality go? they’ll ask themselves one day.

Sandy said...

Interesting how for some of us women femininity and feminism is an evolution of sorts. Some get it and some don't or are too scared. And when 'they' say she has big balls...what they really should be saying - she's got some tits!;)

Mama Zen said...

"Chore - y
yet touched with

I love that!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful captures.

The Elephant's Child said...

I will have to remember the Hussein Nishah quote - brilliant. As are your photos - as always. Thank you.

Randall Cogburn said...

Nice photo's, big fan of Hawaiian music, love that slack key.


Kay said...

I love your beautiful skies, Cloudia. I'm afraid I caught a cold and laying low right now.

Cloudia said...


Thanks EACH of YOU!!!!!!!!!