Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Night City Authenticity

A L O H A   from   Honolulu!

" I often think 
that the night 
is more alive 
and more 
richly colored
 than the day. "
                   Vincent van Gogh

" On all who are out tonight, 
the homeless, the weary, 
the starving, those tempted 
to suicide, the intemperate, 
have mercy. -

" To those who are out 
to rescue others, 
grant help and protection.

For those who work at night, 
the police, railwaymen, firemen, 
those engaged on the stage, 
soldiers and sailors, sentries on duty, 
editors and journalists, 
let Your Presence be with them, 

"For the sick, and suffering 
and all who are enduring 
any agony of mind and body,
 comfort them, 

For all undergoing surgery, 
strengthen them, 
For the sleepless and lonely, 
be near them.

For those in anxiety, nervous 
or mental distress, calm them.

For the mentally ill, keep them 
under Your protection.

For those who care 
for the mentally ill, 
make them tender-hearted 
and compassionate.

For night nurses, 
give faithfulness 
and sympathy.
For priests and doctors, 
called out this night,
 reward them. "

Night Litany For Our City
"The Philadelphia Carmel was the birthplace of devotion 
to St. Therese, the “Little Flower,” in the United States! "

 The darkest night is 
often the bridge
 to the brightest 
tomorrow. "
                        Jonathan L. Huie 


I have always loved 
The Night,
spent years of my life
working there,
and inhabiting
her bright darkness.

My little novel
"Aloha Where You Like Go?"
Largely takes place
in Hawaii's nights.

This Night Litany
has long spoken to me
richly about the 
world & people
of the night,

I hope it makes YOU
feel some of
the Wonder
I have enjoyed;
To reflect
on the strangers
of EVERY belief
who are ceaselessly
standing by, or
praying for the world,
for each and all
of Us.
Those who are vigilant
in firehouse, ward,
the watch tower;
Those who keep
our power on
and ambulances
at the ready.

Thank You
for riding along
          Warmly, cloudia


eileeninmd said...

Hello Cloudia, lovely images and words.. My elementary school was called Little Flower. I am thankful for all our "rescuers". Enjoy your day!

Giga said...

I like the night pictures and quotes below them. Regards.

Birdman said...

What happens good after the lights go out? I can think of but a few.

Karen S. said...

Nighty night is what we make of it, that is so true. Such wise words you gift us with. God bless all.

UIFPW08 said...

Aloha from Sicily

PerthDailyPhoto said...

What a very good post Cloudia and I've said it before, your book was a fabulous read, a real insight to life at night in your world.

TexWisGirl said...

a beautiful prayer.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

It is a beautiful, generous prayer. The night has its own rhythms and charms for those who look. I read your novel. It gave great insights into the Honolulu nights. Different from the big island.

Teresa said...

Amazing post. That prayer was wonderful, as were your reflections on the night.

Nancy Chan said...

Lovely night pictures and beautiful prayer.

Halcyon said...

Such amazing skies!!!
And perfect words to accompany them. :D

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Your third photo is amazing !

Myrna R. said...

I love this post. The nun's prayer is beautiful.

RedPat said...

St Therese has always been my favourite saint. Love the prayer, Cloudia.

Elephant's Child said...

Beautiful. And as soft, supportive and welcoming as a night can be.

William Kendall said...

Wise quotes, and beautiful pics!

Small Kucing said...

I used to love the night lights and views.

magiceye said...

Have mercy! Peace!

Namaste /\ from Mumbai

Pietro and Cynthia said...

So beautiful the reflections in the night!

Tom said...

Beautiful, day and night. Aloha Tom The Backroads Traveller