Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thank Blog

A  L  O  H  A !

" If you begin the day 
with love in your heart, 
peace in your nerves, and
truth in your mind, 
you not only benefit by
 their presence but also 
bring them to others, 

- to your family and friends,
 and to all those who 
destiny draws across 
your path that day. "

" All the knowledge 
I possess 
everyone can acquire, 
but my heart is all 
my own. " 

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Thank Goodness
for blogs!

Thank goodness
for frogs!

For all good things
that zip and zing,
for visits and comments
for new posts to see.

Off to visit you.
Thanks for visiting me!


Blogoratti said...

Wonderful thoughts and photos. Happy October!

Young at Heart said...

nice buzz from your blog!!

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful thoughts. Have a great day!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

That sky shot was absolutely glorious! I enjoy reading your blog daily; it is both interesting and inspiring. Not to mention a visual delight!

Charles Gramlich said...

Peace in my nerves. That's what I look for every day, but don't often get it seems

Teresa said...

I love that first shot by Anonymous. The last picture of the surfboard near the fence is really cool. Have a wonderful day!!

William Kendall said...

Glorious colours in that first shot!

Filip Demuinck said...

Your last picture is special, is this art?


Cloudia said...

Thanks friends!

All shots are my own, the final one of surfboards behind a fence

RedPat said...

The sky is fabulous in the first one! Always a pleasure to visit you here, Cloudia!

Pierre BOYER said...

Always good words....
Enjoy your day !


Karen S. said...

Zipping and zinging it's what we love and do, cheers to all of us and Aloha sweet Cloudia (and little Pixie too.

TexWisGirl said...

spreading the peace. :)

LV said...

Wonderful words of wisdom.

Elephant's Child said...


Jim said...

Amazing sunrise.

Ida said...

Wouldn't it be nice to sit at that table by the fence and enjoy a nice cool drink and good conversation.

Cloudia said...

Thanks jolly friends!

magiceye said...

Always an uplifter - the visit here!!!

Namaste /\ from Mumbai

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful post and photos
Greetings from India

Anonymous said...

Wow - that first shot is amazing!

Margaret Adamson said...

Stunning first shot

Indrani said...

Loving the first shot! It is magical!

Small Kucing said...


Have a great weekend, Cloudia

Gunilla Bäck said...

I love the colours in the sky shot!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

It's zen visitingyour blog, Cloudia.