Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Styles of Blessing

A  L  O  H  A !
Museum of the American Indian, Novato
“May the stars carry 
your sadness away, 
may the flowers fill 
your heart with beauty, 

Mr. Bugeia, Miwok Descendant
may hope forever 
wipe away your tears, 
and, above all, may 
silence make you strong.” 
    Chief Dan George

Hawaiian  Kahu
E oʻu mau kiaʻi mai ka pō mai
O my guardians, from remote antiquity
E nānā ʻia mai ka hale o kākou
Watch over our home
Mai luna a lalo
From top to bottom
Mai kahi kihi a kahi kihi
From one corner to the other
Mai ka hikina a ke komohana
From east to west
Mai ka uka a ke kai
From (the side facing) the upland 
to the (side facing the) sea
Mai loko a waho
From the inside to the outside
Kiaʻi ʻia, mālama ʻia
Watch over and protect it
E pale aku i nā hoʻopilikia 
ʻana i ko kākou nohona
Ward off all that may 
trouble our life here
 ʻĀmama, ua noa
(the prayer) is freed
      Handy & Pukui 
       1998, 141

Chinese Lion Dancers
"I am grateful for everything 
life has given me, even though 
it’s not all happiness.
Though you haven’t received 
everything you want in life, 
you are blessed enough to 
have all that you need. 
Life is just like a piano. 
White keys represent joy 
while black show sadness. 
As you go through life, 
remember the black keys 
make music too."
     Chinese Saying

The kiss of the breeze,
or the simple benediction
      of a child. . . .

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