Monday, February 26, 2018

More From Iolani Palace

A  L  O  H  A !
Ko`olau Mountains 
Beyond Palace Gate.
[State Capitol Pillar, Right]

“These things...they 
are who you are. 
They brought you here. 
To this day.” 
             Laura Dave

"The Life of the Land is Perpetuated 
in Righteousness"
[Royal - Now Hawaii US State - Motto]

 Feather Lei Link

Royal Decoration

Cloak Room

Queen Liliuokalani
Composer of Aloha `Oe

  "At noon of the tenth day of April, 1877, 
the booming of the cannon was heard which announced that I was heir apparent 
to the throne of Hawaii."
HRH Liliuokalani,
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen January 1898


Inside the Palace Garrison


Yesterday's Post
Was Part 1


Thank YOU
            Fondly, cloudia



biebkriebels said...

Lovely pictures.

Charles Gramlich said...

Love the beautiful art displayed here

Cloudia said...

Thank you both for visiting!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Such beautiful details Cloudia, the etched glass windows are too gorgeous! Merci beaucoup pour sharing ✨

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous inside, Cloudia!

Cloudia said...

So glad to see both of you here!

Teresa said...

Great shots of all the cool intricate details inside the palace. Thanks for taking us on your tour.

RedPat said...

Thank you for this tour, Cloudia!

Mike said...

"They brought you here."

And there is no going back.

Cloudia said...

Thanks Friends 💝

Duckbutt said...

Breathtakingly beautiful.