Sunday, January 10, 2021

Recharging Tips

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Are you managing 

your energy well and 

using it for things that matter? 

Do you stop to recharge before 

you push yourself to 

critically low levels? 

Unplug to recharge.

Susan C. Young

Self-care is how you 

take your power back.

Lalah Delia

He kehau ho’oma’ema’e ka aloha
(Love is like a cleansing dew.)

The  power of  Aloha 

can soothe and heal. 

Love removes hurt.  

One 'ukulele 

and one soul 

can do a lot. 

 Kindy Sproat

The pain you feel today 

is the strength 

you feel tomorrow.


Love You,
            Pixie & Cloudia


Teresa said...

Does it hurt Pixie to recharge like that? I didn't know she was a robo-cat ;) Great post today, Cloudia. A good reminder to breathe and relax.

Cloudia said...

You caught the cord, 😂. So nice to see you, Pal

Mike said...

"Do you stop to recharge before you push yourself to critically low levels?
Yes, I need all the power I can muster up to get down there.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots!

magiceye said...

Amazing captures all!

Kay said...

We can all use some calming cleansing right now. I do love that macro photo of the flower.

Cloudia said...

Happy seeing each of you ❤️

Stewart M said...

Energy management in this time of time is a vital consideration I think! So, it's time for me to have a nap!

Hope all is well.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

21 Wits said...

You are so right in your closing thought. It's funny but I do disconnect and unplug a lot of the time! I have to in order to survive! Praying for a safe January 20th and beyond! Aloha hugs to Pixie too!

WeedyMama said...

Each time I visit here, I can feel a soft, warm, flower scented breeze on my cheek.