Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hiding Secret Girl

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Your smile.
is the ultimate
golden dream.
    Sanober Khan

We love the imperfect 

shapes in nature and 

in the works of art, look 

for an intentional error 

as a sign of the golden 

key and sincerity. . .

 Dejan Stojanovic

Sometimes the streets 

are so quiet that you don't 

want to move and 

break that silence; and 

you stand in a corner and 

listen to the silence 

in admiration!

 Mehmet Murat ildan

Where's Pixie?

A friend is a beloved mystery; 

dearest always because 

(s)he is not ourself, and 

has something inside

 which it is impossible 

for us to fathom. . . 

         Lucy Larcom


Love You,
Cloudia &
"Hiding Secret Girl"


claude said...

I love your photos and quotes, Cloudia.
Pixie is really a beautiful cat.
Have a nice Sunday !

Elephant's Child said...

Silence is a beautiful thing.
Even Pixie's paw is lovely.

Cloudia said...

Thank you both!

William Kendall said...

I like that night view.

magiceye said...

Beautiful captures and apt quotes to go along!

RedPat said...

Love Pixie's wee foot!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous shots today! I love the ones of the sun and sky. Is Pixie doing a come-hither naughty dance or just sleeping? Will the blanket slip?

Mike said...

"Sometimes the streets are so quiet..."
In high school, I worked on a newspaper truck for a couple of years. We worked from 1AM to about 4AM. You could stand in the middle of the busiest daytime intersection and not see a car in any direction.

Caro G said...

Spectacular sky and night shots. I also appreciate the imperfections in nature rather than edit them out.