Friday, March 26, 2010

You Could Eat Off It

Aloha Friday, Friend!

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Friday Night Begins in Waikiki.


"Arriving at one goal

is the starting point
to another."

John Dewey

Nothing cool here. . .
wait a minute! Look a little closer. . .

"Anger, if not restrained,
is frequently more hurtful to us
than the injury that provokes it."


King of the Shrubbery!


"Give me a place to stand
and I will
move the world."



Scientists report that Hawaii is one of the least dusty places on Earth.
(Of course, they haven't seen below decks on our live-aboard boat.)
But recently I discovered
that some of our forests
are fertilized by blown-in dust from elsewhere.
Even some kinds of sea life
are aided by dust
that fertilizes the ocean.

There is an epic panorama
in every shaft of light. . .

because of the graceful processions of

Glorious dust!

And you can write your name in it!

Perhaps Shay will write a brilliantly irreverent poem
involving fairy Dust.

Today we celebrate the dust
with which
we will dance again!

At least that's what I'm telling myself
about the dust growing on the book shelf.