Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walk & Talk Waikiki

Aloha Sweetie!

you can click on these shots if you like :)

"Certain kinds of truths

are convincing

only in narrative."

Adam Gropnik

so let me tell you a story as we walk...

"Be passers-by."

in the Gospel of Thomas

We walk aimlessly through Waikiki. . .

Everywhere the story unfolds. . .

superceding. . . so that i forget what was wanting to be said. . .

"We think that by naming

we can understand,

as if the tongue

were more than muscle."

Gary Whitehead


We are all purveyors

or our own opinions;

Behaving as evangelists,

shouting on street corners,

assuming each passer-by

is a heathen.

If only they would listen



Sharing stolen zingers

no one's listening to deeply held beliefs;

is it any wonder


finds no place

to grow?

So glad YOU stopped by! cloudia