Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawaii Local 5-O Insider

ALOHA Friend!

In a perfect place
it would rain at night while you sleep.

Since Waikiki enjoys the best weather on the planet,
that is just what happens!

Today we woke up to cloudy skies, rainbows,
diminishing rain, clean fragrances.

Soon amazing winter skies put on a puffy cloud show;
 It always makes me happy.
The Trade Winds are back too -
 so life feels perfect.

Rainy nights, some cloudy days, breezy,
blue skies, sunshine and WHITE clouds,
 daily highs in the mid 80s (F).

That's Winter in Hawaii.

Inhale Deeply!

“I saw a star, I reached for it, and I missed.

 So I accepted the sky.”

 Scott Fortini 

Good Morning!

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back

 and laugh at the sky.”


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Last night's Hawaii 5-O episode
opened with a cameo by well regarded local waterman, Brian Keaulana, (more here)doing what he does best:
a big water rescue.

It was interesting to see characters talking da kine pidgin
(here) and it wasn't too cringe-inducing.

 A real dynamic:
how malihini Danno doesn't understand pidgin,
 but local boy Steve does.

Honest use of "Haole" as a sort of (sometimes fond) slur.
 It would be dishonest to portray us without any discrimination, but it is VERY different than what is normal on the "mainland"
 and in general we DO have a rainbow culture here.
 But causasian visitor, it never hurts to be sincere and humble (compared to how we act in New York)
and to overlook some post-colonial resentment.

It really all depends on how YOU act. 
Act as a guest, not a visiting white god
 and you should be OK.

It was cool to see a character studying the tidepools,
 but wasn't that Leeward Makaha masquerading as North Shore "Waimea Bay" (caption)

 Pig hunting and off-road motorcycling are HUGE here!

KAPU means Set apart, Holy, Special, TABOO,
 so interesting to see the local "club" called "Da Kapu."

This is based on a real group of locals who make great friends and bad enemies. Yes, it was drugs for a while, now mostly surfing and related industries.

They have a different name that is known,
 but I ain't calling them out.
Respect! Defend Hawaii.
 Keep the Country Country!

Our tent cities are not full of employed yuppies.
Yes, housing is very hight, and many of our young do have to move mainland fo` work, but our beach tents are full of local Hawaiians and others,
many employed, but homeless and eking out a living on their own islands. That was real prettied-up.

Local kid, ukulele jamming Aidan La Pret (here)
got his moment singing and playing around the campfire.
Did you see/hear him? (we met him before here).

KAPU leader Kawika's (Kah-Vee-Kah)
tribal tattoos looked authentic Polynesian.

"We nevah do noting!" Loved that familiar (pidgin)
refrain from the tough guys once caught.
Rings true :) 

"Katonk" bike rental?"

 A shout out to our Japanese-American WWII veterans (the most decorated units EVER. See here). Katonk is the sound a mainland Japanese head makes when it hits the ground in a boot camp scuffle. The Hawaii guys had a pride and solidarity that mainland-born Japanese-American guys seemed to lack, they "acted haole" and didn't speak pidgin.  Stupid Katonks!

Very nice surfer funeral EXCEPT that all ages are usually represented at such an event!

 Widows, friends, elders, the Kahu (minister)
 travel in outrigger canoes.

Still a moving scene to end on;
 and that was local fave Butch Helemano (here)
(a Reggae/Island Music performer and Kahu
regarded as a Hawaiian cultural expert) presiding.
Good Chanting!

And ending the show with Bruddah Iz?

PERFECT as always!

Show is picked up for next season
and getting better week by week.

       Go Nuts!   cloudia