Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aspire Content

A   L   O   H   A  !

“ I pretended to be
 somebody I wanted to be 
until finally
 I became that person. 

Or he became
 me. ”

 Cary Grant

“ We are not to make
contentment and aspiration
 for God made them 
fast friends.
 A man may 
and yet be quite
until it is time
 to raise; 
Both flying
 and resting
are but parts
 of one
contentment. ”

 Henry Ward Beecher

" I would rather sit 
on a pumpkin
and have it all
 to myself
than be crowded
on a velvet cushion.  "

Henry David Thoreau

" One can acquire everything
 in solitude
 except character. "


Which is why
I appreciate

Y  O  U  r

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Dave King said...

Good theme to pursue, I think: aspiration and contentment. Excellent post.

Betty Manousos said...

thanks for the inspiration sweet friend. and the photos.


bea's blog said...

Really excellent post again ~ always enjoy your blog ~ every single day

TexWisGirl said...

i like that partial selfie. :)

some great quotes to ponder.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Your quote/photo posts have been inspiring, thanks.

21 Wits said...

Good morning Cloudia, and thank you for watching over us, with such delightful words as well. I also would rather sit on a pumpkin, (in fact I'll be out looking for more pumpkins today)and things that bring cheer, instead of bumps! Peace-Karen

Ygraine said...

How glad I have found your wonderfully inspiring blog, Cloudia!
And thank you so much for visiting mine :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like that opening quote and believe that it is in fact an accurate portrayal of how things can happen.

FilipBlog said...

Like your first picture, it looks rather big.


Brian Miller said...

oo the solitude and character quote is really is the statue of the owl...gonna show that to my son...he is fascinated by them right now....

aloha from va

Elephant's Child said...

Yay for the pumpkin. I would be sitting there myself.
As always - beautiful post, with magical photos and thought provoking quotes. Care to join me on that pumpkin? Or to pull up one close by?

Anonymous said...

Last sentence of the Beecher quote will remain much in my mind.

Thank you for this thoughtful entry. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Kay said...

Lovely Saturday thoughts, Cloudia. I shall be aspiring to find peace and contentment once again when I have to leave my granddaughter and family once again.

Adam said...

great quotes

Anonymous said...

Are you posing for the pumpkin? There's a shadow from the glasses...DrumMajor

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ahh, the quote by Cary Grant. Gosh, he was gorgeous :-)

Thanks for the kind words and inspiration. I always have a smile when I visit your blog. Thanks.

xo jj

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wise as an owl aspiring contents very well said. tQ

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I think I'll sit on that pumpkin also Cloudia, well at least now and then!!Happy Sunday.

Cloudia said...


Green Monkey said...

oh with regard to animals, I agree... we are the ones who have grown. we are opening our eyes to their wisdom. you always inspire me!