Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cat Cavalcade

M  E  O  W !
Psychedelic, Cats!

" The cat
 is the animal
 to whom the Creator
 gave the biggest eye,
 the softest fur,
the most supremely delicate
 a mobile ear, 
an unrivaled paw
 and a curved claw 
borrowed from the
 rose-tree. "


" In times of joy,
all of us wished
we possessed a tail
we could wag. "

W. H. Auden

“Oh, you can't help that,'
 said the [Cheshire] cat. 
'We're all mad here.”

  Lewis Carroll

Pixilated Pixie

 is an early American expression
 derived from the word 'pixies,'
 They would say:
 ' the pixies had got him. '
'He's not all here!'   

Sampler Pixie

" Comfort Spiral"

" I wish I could write
 as mysterious
 as a cat. "

Edgar Allan Poe

" There is something 
about the presence of a
that seems to take
 the bite 
out of being 
alone. "
Louis J. Camuti


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 " No amount of time 
can erase the memory
 of a good cat,
 and no amount 

of masking tape 
can ever totally remove
 his fur from your couch.  "

Leo Dworken


Sandra said...

thanks for your comments on my silly pine cone posts. beautiful kitty and great photos.

Dave King said...

That first image: superb!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Lewis Carroll was spot on, j'adore Pixie and yes I would like a tail to wag now and then haha!

Brian Miller said...

haha i love the seriousness of her face in that third have such older cat today was way loving, which is odd for her in her old age....she wanted to be held all morning...some cool cat pics...

aloha from va

Anonymous said...

So Pixie can sleep in a curved up curl. Yep, Pirate Kitty was an amazing boat cat. Aloha, DrumMajor

Daryl said...

Pixie is a sweet girl

Don QuiScottie said...

That top picture is extraordinary!

I came in here again from cold Scotland seeking a bit of warm Hawaii, but the cats will do :)

Rajesh said...

Very cute.

Cloudia said...

Pixie tells me she is warming up to all of YOU!!!!!!!

Meow means 'thanks'

Reader Wil said...

Pixie is adorable and lovely!

william cintron said...

Or a beagle for that matter.
More than half a year from her death her fur keeps on showing up.
Must be the remnants.
Oh yes,I can also still smell her distinctly.
Must be my imagination....or could it be...she's still with me?Yikes!lol

Oakland Daily Photo said...

That red zig zag above his green eyes intensifies his face. The Harry Potter of cats? Thanks for your visit and amusing comment. Hope all continues to be wonderful in Paradise.