Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Wai`anae Friends

E    A L O H A !

Blessings on Wai`anae
 and her People.
A Hawaiian Sense of Place
Da `Aina, 
Mauka, Waena, Makai.
Long May Hawaiian Spirit
and Koko 


Teresa said...

Cool slide show. Now I have to learn Hawaiian!

Pierre BOYER said...

Kinds regards from France...


Cloudia said...

Mahalo, Malihini

Full-On-Forward said...

I'm gonna reread the book for a refresher!

Love to ya Sis!


21 Wits said...

Oh my, what a lovely arm chair vacation this was. Greetings from a very dark and snowy place! Thank you Cloudia for a dreamy video- Karen

Cloudia said...

Thanks for visiting us!

Kay said...

This is lovely, but I must have missed something because they didn't show Wai'anae, did they? Is there another meaning to Waianae?

Cloudia said...

You are right, Kay! But I loved the Hawaiian words on the screen and thought our friends "over seas" would just enjoy the music and "generic" Hawaii pics. I showed the map for penance, LOL. Thanks for caring and sharing!

magiceye said...

That was lovely!!

Namaste /\ from Mumbai