Thursday, February 21, 2013

Empty Camera

A   L   O   H   A !

Our photos say
much about us,
through the moments
and things
that we

I believe that

a camera with  no \pictures in it

is unlucky.

I want to die
with pictures
on my memory card
that no one but me
has envisioned.

But not yet.

Then I will live
a series of moments
as those pics left in my camera
are viewed; As
someone sees 
what I saw,
one by

Many wealthy people
have left less
of a legacy.

But You & Me?
We'll rest later
there are so many things
to see,
to frame,
to sweeten, to crop.
So many pictures
to find
and share!

Welcome to the Private Lily Chapel 

" Now is the time 
to unite the soul 
and the world. 
Now is the time
 to see the 
sunlight dancing 
as one with 
the shadows. "


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                          Warmly, cloudia 


Brian Miller said...

smiles...i try to see the sun...and the picture of that lily...

the walking man said...

I see things but my memory card of the beautiful has been corrupted of late.

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous shots! I tend to take them off my memory card and put them onto my special hard disk for photos.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I really like that idea Cloudia, I tend to download everything off after each session, perhaps i will always leave a few on from now on!

ANITA said...

Hi dahling cloudia!!Very nice post!!!I love all your photoes!!They are real good!!!

We still have bad weather here and today i was a the dentist..ufffff...We talk later,,-happy dayy!!xxxx

Erika said...

I like your thoughts, Cloudia. Nice shots.
Ciao dall'Italia.:)))))

foongpc said...

You are absolutely right! There are so many things to see, to snap, to crop and to frame haha!! : D

Teresa said...

I love the quote by Rumi, and I am so glad that your camera ALWAYS has new pictures on it!

ayala said...

Love this!

rupam sarma said...

Nice pics & post.

TexWisGirl said...

how very sweet!

Dianne said...

the first shot is amazing!!
the curve and lines are so beautiful
like a reclining dancer or half of a hug
it's one of my most favorite shots of yours

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great shots, Cloudia, and lots of photo ideas to come I'm sure.
Hugs ~ Eddie x

Karen S. said...

Aloha Cloudia, sometimes when I'm reading your post I think for a moment, wait this is me! Ha! Ha! Your words here are the foundation of ME! My hubby on the other hand- is so clueless in the art of picture taking. He is getting better at accepting my sudden pulling off the road- and exiting with camera in hand! :)

Karen S. said...

As for wealthy folks, I believe they're too busy feeling empty, and lost to appreciate the little important things of life.

Cloudia said...

Loving Your jolly selves! Thanks very much

Daryl said...


Myrna R. said...

Because the photographer is exposed in her photos, I see a beautiful, loving soul in you.

Kay said...

Gracious! Gorgeous photos! Like you, my cameras (all of them) are stuffed with photos.

DeniseinVA said...

Another lovely series of photos, great post :)

Filip and Kristel said...

These flowers look super. I just love tropical islands.


TALON said...

As a photographer, I LOVED this post, Cloudia. So very very true!

Cloudia said...