Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keep Your Head

A L O H A !
  Argent by Hold Your Head Up on Grooveshark

Each generation is bemused
to see their baubles & beliefs
become nostalgia.

Each generation is shocked
when their 'way things are'
slides into
'how we used to do it.'

History is not over!
Our children see
 through new lenses
as did we.

So what have we accomplished?
What 'Age' have we been living in?

Only with the perspective of time
and the arrogance of scholars
are labels attached:
'Dark Age'  'Age of Discovery'

Perhaps our Age of Unraveling,
of chickens coming finally home
to roost in our guts,
is not the Age
our children know;
Just prologue, 
brother prologue.

The carriage man's world
in a romance of speed
 and flight.

 Thus ended the
Age of Horse.

Each generation
upon the grave
 of their elders,
still ignorant mercifully
as were we
that History has not ended
however much it seems so
in their midday sun.

So, dear Friend:
& Be Happy.
And if things seem to be
Falling Apart?
They ALWAYS Are.
Don't cry that the box
is no longer full.
Enjoy your chocolates
right through
to the end
of the

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                           Warmly, cloudia


LOLfromPasa said...

Love those photos, Cloudia. Lovely text too. Have a good weekend!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

And so it will continue for that box of chocolates, Without a doubt I enjoy to the very last one, everytime!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful Captures.
~Have a nice Weekemd~

Lori Skoog said...

Man! Woman! Can you write!

the walking man said...

Pie--keep the chocolate--one of my ex wife's fresh strawberry pies would sustain me until the end.

Brian Miller said...

true the suceeding generation dances on the grave of its elders...moving ever forward...and hopefully the next has some better ideas on how to get along....

Birdman said...

Thanks for that reminder. I need to be brought back to earth from time to time.

The Weaver of Grass said...

And save the best chocolate - the one with the marzipan centre and the almond on top - for last.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, which is why I find it weird how they name the ages now, like "post post modern" or some such. WE may be living in the Age of anxiety when future historians get around to writing about us.

Karen S. said...

Ah yes, sweet words of wisdom, and thankfully we shall always be gifted with a simple embrace- hand in hand we shall all journey- Peace and sunshine, Karen

rosaria williams said...

Ah, yes, the chocolates...

Cloudia said...

You, each of you, brings me jewels! Thanks so much for these gifts under the comment tree

Giga said...

Życie jest cudowne, ale niestety się kidyś skończy, jak pudełko czekoladek zniknie. Pozdrawiam.
Life is wonderful, but unfortunately kidyś over, like a box of chocolates disappear. Yours.

Myrna R. said...

Beautiful thoughts. I have much hope for future generations. Meantime, yes, I munch on my chocolates Enjoy yours..

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely and uplifting post, darling!


P.S. I would looooooove to visit Honolulu one day :)

Teresa said...

And so I'm here savoring the chocolates!! Love the metaphor!

Bob Bushell said...

It's good that you believe in it, the last photo is fantastic.

Hilary said...

That's a sweet philosophy if ever I heard one. :)

Friko said...

Isn’t history that thing you’re meant to learn from?

(sorry about the dreaful syntax)

The Elephant's Child said...

History should be taught this way. You are beyond right - thank you.

Kay said...

Excellent advice, Cloudia. I just had the darn chocolate bar that I'd been eyeing.