Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Bloomsday

A  L  O  H  A !
Field of Fire

" Too many people

 miss the silver lining


 they’re expecting

 gold. "

Maurice Setter

Voyager to the Magic Land

" The voyage 

of discovery

 is not in seeking 

new landscapes 

but in having 

new eyes. "

Marcel Proust

Full Steam Ahead

" Every painting 

is a voyage 

into a 

sacred harbour. "

Giotto di Bondone 


Happy Bloomsday, June 16th!

The events of James Joyce's 

groundbreaking novel 


 all take place 

on one day: 16 June 1904

which has become 

an annual celebration 

in Dublin, 

and among Joyce fans 

throughout the world.


and it's also

my birthday.

Perfect for a writer!

Thanks For Visiting!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blooming amongst the wonder-writers; which is a Happy Birthday for you! Cheers! Aloha, DrumMajor

DeniseinVA said...

Happy Birthday Cloudia! That's a great photo of you and of course I like all your photos and quotes. Have an especially wonderful day today.

Brian Miller said...

happy happy happy birthday
happy happy happy birthday
happy happy happy birthday
2u 2 u 2 u!


finding new eyes...

aloha from va

Anonymous said...

whoooo hooo! Happy birthday! Beautiful blooming post!!!!!

Adam said...

happy birthday

Filip and Kristel said...

I am sure that Hawaii is a magic land. I have a friend who's son will go to Hawaii to study for a year in August.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, by the way!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday, Cloudia!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect day for a birthday. Wishing you a fabulous one!

rosaria williams said...

A perfect day! Aloha.

Fireblossom said...

Happy birthday, lady!

(does anyone actually read "Ulysses"? Not this girl!)

Cloudia said...

This here is the best party Every Day!
So glad You are here :-)


EriKa Napoletano said...

Happy birthday dear friend Cloudia. You are very beautiful!!!
Kisses from Italy


Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
Very apt that date to share (and the woman responsible for publishing Joyce's Ulysses, Sylvia Beach, spent part of her childhood years and is now buried here in Princeton!:)

Oh, love that 1st quote especially and the bright shots as always.

rupam sarma said...

Wishing you a very Happy birthday Cloudia :)
Greeting form Assam, India

Willow said...

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Cloudia
Hugs Willow

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Happy Bloomsday and Happy Birthday. Time to find an Irish pub and celebrate.

Couture Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, darling!
Beautiful post, as always!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh no! I can't have missed your birthday, quelle horreur! Many happy belated happy birthdays mon ami, I hope you had a wonderful day full of lovely happenings :)

Cloudia said...