Monday, September 16, 2013


A  L  O  H  A!
The Shadow of Your Smile by Astrud Gilberto on Grooveshark
 Palm Shadow Afternoon

" I imagine that


 is the only living thing. "

e. e. cummings

 Land of Homemade Bread

You aspire to great things? 

Begin with little ones. ”

Saint Augustine

 Lava Rock Wall

" God made everything 

out of nothing,

 but the nothingness 

shows through. "
Paul Valery

Trunk of Palm

" We all have

 the extraordinary

 coded within us, 


 to be released. "

Jean Houston

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Bonus Points:
Did you notice the
 caveman & Tyrannosaurus
on the palm trunk:


the walking man said...

We always have a tendency to fill nothingness so there is no void. With no voids we'd have too many bounced checks.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Such lovely textures you have caprured in your photographs!

EG CameraGirl said...

Excellent advice to begin with the little things. I really like the texture of the homemade bread.

Willow said...

Very cool images !
Love the palm shadow .
Good morning Cloudia :)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Send me my bonus points Cloudia :))

Charles Gramlich said...

I would love some fresh baked bread.

Other Mary said...

Beautiful and wise words. Thank you Cloudia!

Adam said...

nice quotes

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful photos and Nice post.
Greetings from Assam, India

LOLfromPasa said...

What a delight to scroll through your recent week's quotes and shots. Wonderful for my soul. Thanks for your comment, dear Cloudia.

TexWisGirl said...

awesome observation in the last! :) love the first!!

Betty Manousos said...

wonderful wise thoughts. and i really like that first shot!


Anonymous said...

Could be a little Menehune with a Hawaiian Nessie hanging around the tree trunk? The bread smells great! The top of the bread is similar to the rock wall; be careful to keep them straight! DrumMajor


Beautiful textures and words, I especially love the ee cummings and homemade bread:)

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

Ah, the power of potential.

Kay said...

I see it! I see it! That is so cool. You have such a wonderful imagination, Cloudia.

Elephant's Child said...

That first photo has given me a vibrant, beautiful start to the day. I aspire to keep on doing the little things...

Big Sky Heidi said...

Really neat textures and colors.

Hattie said...

Very nice photos and quotes this a.m. Happy Monday and a prosperous week to you!

DeniseinVA said...

Those pictures are so cool and so are the quotes. Have a great week my friend :)

Cloudia said...

Iy my (blog invisible) husband was NOT blog-invisible, he could tell you how much Pure PLEASURE & Happy I get from YOUR Wonderful visits!

Thanks SO much :-)

Ileana said...

Inspirational! Hola, chica!

Cloudia said...


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger (大哥) said...

Hi Cloudia, I like the shadow photos today. It's an interesting topic for photography!

Duncan In Kuantan
Kuantan nature photos

Karen S. said...

Aloha Cloudia, I needed this moment of peace and beauty, thanks dear friend for sharing.