Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roots of Current US Political Divide

America continues to deal with race.
 Frankly, old subliminal attitudes are at the root
 of much of the demonizing of our amazing president.

 Check out this 3 minute preview.
 It will all begin to make more sense.

 Films like Lincoln, 12 Years A Slave, 
and Django, further a conversation 
that includes Trayvon Martin,
Stand Your Ground, and the bible 
(which was used to both fight and defend slavery - 
as in the marriage equality fight today)

Attitudes of opposition to the federal government 

are quite ingrained in parts of the US,
yet significant numbers of US military volunteers, and 
our presidents, have come from the South 
(the old rebel confederacy that lost the Civil War).

They continue to see things differently. 

As the British Empire, 
and much of the civilized world 
recognized slavery as unsavory 

(to say the very least)
southern plantation owners promoted 
images of happily singing "darkies
thriving under the protection 
of benevolent owners, er, masters 
(sounds so much nicer, like with pets).
Their motivations were financial,
yes -
but not solely,
and the entire US
made lots of money
on slave labor
(they partially built
our US Congress building
with it's famous dome)

I see an inspiring (if not always perfect) 
president who mostly 
effectively supports 
what I believe in 

They see, 
well, it would be distasteful 
to share some of the 
disrespectful crap 
I've seen thrown at this man
 and his family!

Now Europe seems to be facing up
to the Roma (Gypsy) in their midst.
China has her Uighurs
and Tibetans. 

(The Uighurs & Roma
are both unrecognized
to Spell Check!)


What is going on
with group relations
in YOUR place?

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Charles Gramlich said...

It's certainly ridiculous some of the gripes about President Obama. Delusions to treat them kindly.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

In Malaysia everything is 'political' as the ruling Malay party tries to hang on to power. Even squabbling ove ruse of the word "Allah". It's getting quite ridiculous!

Duncan In Kuantan
Kuantan nature photos

Fireblossom said...

Got to love how some people have trotted out the bible to defend their views about blacks, women and now gays.

Cloudia said...


Adam said...

Since I live in SC, I'm surrounded by countless Republicans of the typical "southern" fashion. I hate it.

It's terrible, and most southerners don't even realize that they're not even "conservative", they're regressives. They want to take the country back to the 16th century.

President Obama and the Democrats aren't perfect, but the Republican Party is getting to the point where the only people more evil are cartoonish super-villains.

Reader Wil said...
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Cloudia said...


Reader Wil said...

Very powerful post ,Cloudia! The video is very interesting.
There is still a lot of slavery in the world!

the walking man said...

You want to know about race in Detroit? This map say is all Nearly 100% segregated.

Betty Manousos said...

great post my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love Adam's "regressive" term. Kansas is only 50 years behind. Obama could get so much more accomplished if Congress would do their job. DrumMajor

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I think we're on a better path here in the South, despite some stereotypes.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Politics is a strange game, its impossible to do the right thing in everyones eyes. I have a hard time understanding ours never mind yours Cloudia :))

Kay said...

Funny... I was just talking about this very thing as I walked through a neighborhood here in the Midwest with a friend of my daughter. There had been quite a bit of prejudice 50 years ago in this neighborhood. However, by the time we moved in, it was changing. We were looked at as a bit of Hawaiian oddities. Did we speak English? Did we used to live in grass huts? Did Hawaii use American money?

Times have changed. Thank goodness! At least it had in our neighborhood. I can't speak for others.