Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Waikiki Morning

A   L   O   H   A !
All Photos shot 9 May 2014 / 8-9am CLICK2Enlarge
“Every day is
 a new opportunity. 
You can build on 
yesterday's success or 
put its failures behind 
and start over again.  -

- That's the way life is, 
with a new game 
every day, 
and that's the way 
baseball is.”

 Bob Feller 
 (American Baseball Player)

Palm Leaves and Cones

" Common sense 
and a sense of humor
 are the same thing, 
moving at different speeds. -

Beep!  Beep!

- A sense of humor
 is just common sense, 
dancing. "

William James 

Another Red Cone

Dove  Dove
(Click!  Click!)

The way that the  grasses' shadow 
echoes with plumage speaks

" God is clever, 
but not dishonest. "

Albert Einstein

Just a 
routine morning 
here in 


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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Now this is a post to lift the spirits Cloudia :) enjoyed so much.

Gert Jan Hermus said...

You posted some great series again lately Cloudia!

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Gert Jan

Brian Miller said...

common sense dancing...ha. i like that....hope your day stays typical...cause it looks beautiful.

aloha from va

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

All you need is dove!

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

I love the theme of the lines and how they are the same and different at the same time.

Karen S. said...

I'll take that dance with humor all day and night long! Aloha, and keep on smiling, and the whole world with wonder, what is she thinking??! Hehehe!

TexWisGirl said...

lovely dove!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I love those Wakiki scenes: the palm fronds, the red cone, the lady walking her dogs, the dove. A joyous day!

Mama Zen said...

That second shot is stunning!

Filip and Kristel said...

You seem to really like green.


Anonymous said...

I like nature's red cones the best. Hey, where do all the picked up palm leaves go? Too many little doggies; big ones are more huggable. Kept a fortune cookie paper that says, "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think. Dancing is even better. DrumMajor

Hilary said...

A brilliant green leafy fan.

William Kendall said...

Such vibrant greens. That dove's lovely.

Small Kucing said...

feels like looing at life. one day vibrant and next feel so old

Adam said...

I don't envy those who walk more than one dog at a time. Mine never wants to go at the right speed or direction.

DeniseinVA said...

What a beautiful way to spend time, taking all these lovely photos for us. Thank you Cloudia, you make my light shine :)

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful post and photos.
Greetings from Assam, India

Cloudia said...

Each of you gives me a happy feeling!

Thanks so much ♥

the walking man said...

Common sense and humor can't be on the same train, seeing as humor has taken a smack down by them who are amused by the rude.