Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Majesty and Morning Boys

 A  L  O  H  A ! 
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You can't control 
your thoughts - 
just your response to them. 
that is where 
all the power lies.
[ 'poster' as well ]

Morning Boys in Search of Waves, Waikiki

"If they give you ruled paper, 
write the other way."
 Juan Ramon Jiminez


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Makes my day,
            Fondly, cloudia


The Bastard King of England said...

Write across the lines.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I really want to control my thoughts !

eViL pOp TaRt said...

The poster is inspirational; the colors of the street are lively.

It's a feast for the eyes.

DeniseinVA said...

I like that, beautiful colors in those pictures too.

EG CameraGirl said...

I lay awake last night needing help to control my thoughts. I hope tonight I do much better.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Loving YOUR words Cloudia and as alway your images.. even more when BIG :)

Birdman said...

Like to think there is 'stillness within', but my BIG mouth proves me wrong again and again.

Willow said...

Love the response quote .
All this time I never realized I wasn't on the follow list ,no wonder I don't always see your posts !
Well I am on the list now :))))

TexWisGirl said...

like that ruled paper one. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I rather liked that "Ruled paper" quote

William Kendall said...

That's quite a big surfboard!

foongpc said...

You can't control your thoughts - just your response to them. Very true and powerful! :)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Dreaming of Big Waves.

Elephant's Child said...

Love your poster. And you.

Myrna R. said...

Beautiful poster. I'm going to revel against ruled paper from now on, and against thoughts that want a reaction instead of a response. Great post today.

Karen S. said...

Oh boy do I know that feeling, sometimes I have to tie myself up and gag my lips as well! Hehehe Thankfully, it's not often....enjoy your day and all of your responses too! Aloha pretty lady!

Big Sky Heidi said...

I love that surfboard and the excellent pictures for today!

Big Sky Heidi said...

I love that surfboard and the excellent pictures for today!

Small Kucing said...

Good advice Cloudia. Need to think about that

Teresa said...

So are you marketing the posters, or do we just have to print them in pieces and stick them together?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Your blog is a great, relaxing place to visit while not working this week. Love the bird poster! So tough to get them in flight-
I have missed millions of times- Herons, Kingfishers, hawks, all too fast for my cam!
Peace is a blessing you pass to us all- Thankyou!

Cloudia said...

Wow! I'm so jazzed by all of your amazing comments!!!!

Thanks each of You ♥✈